In payments, being connected matters

PayDock realtime payments notifications

Ever had that experience where something went wrong with a payment, but you didn’t know for a week? PayDock makes sure that both you and your customers receive realtime feedback on payment, card and subscription events.

Reduce cost, increase efficiency and reclaim lost revenue from unexpected payment/card events.

The PayDock notification engine improves the customer experience, reduces administration effort and lifts revenue – while supporting your existing payment providers.

  • Both customer and merchant facing notification capability
  • Methods include SMS, Email and Webhooks (for your apps/push-notifications)
  • Fully customisable HTML templates for rich on-brand messaging

Some notifications for you

PayDock provides our customers with the abilty to receive notices for the following events (and are constantly adding more – contact us if you have a particular need) to assist your customer experience and reduce the cost and effort of payments administration.

We want our merchants to be richly connected and equipped with the right information at the right time.

  • Transaction Success – Send an alerts when a transaction is processed successfully. This can include rich HTML receipts and SMS confirmations (for example).
  • Transaction Failure – In the event a transaction is not process successfully let your customer or team know so they can update payment details or try a new payment source/type.
  • Card Expiration Warning – Encourage your customers to update their credit cards and advise your admin team if a credit card is about to expire. This reduces lost revenue from the processing of inadvertently expired cards.
  • Subscription Creation Success – Started a new recurring payment with a valued customer? Say thanks straight away!
  • Subscription Creation Failure – Things don't always go to plan, let your customers now if for some reason their subscription couldn't start.
  • Subscription Finished – Come to the end of a payment plan or subscription? Invite your customers to re-engage or thank them for their partnership with you. This is your trigger to deepen the relationship and say thanks.
  • Subscription Failed – If we receive a 'hard fail' on a payment (fraudulent activity or expired card for example) we'll let you know through this notification.
  • Subscription Transaction Complete – If you want to isolate simply your recurring payment transactions from any one-off transactions, this notification will help you.
  • Subscription Transaction Failure – If a subscription has a failed payment, you can instantly be aware of it. This will assist your service delivery and reduce costs.
  • Subscription Updated – If a subscription has its amount, date, frequency or any other element changed, you can confirm with your customer or let the admin team know in real time.
  • Refund Requested – Be notified if a refund has been requested on a transaction.
  • Refund Successful – Be notified if a refund is successfully processed on a transaction.
  • Refund Failed – Be notified if a refund request fails.

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