Your most valuable partnership is the recurring one.

Recurring payments made easy

To succeed, modern organisations require a sophisticated and low-cost payments approach in order to reduce cost, drive profit and scale. This is especially true for recurring/subscription payments, where even a small oversight can result in significant revenue and brand impact.

To assist our customers, PayDock provides a comprehensive recurring payments toolset to ensure all payments run on-time, on schedule and with full transparency – all the while still being able to use (and adopt) preferred payment services. PayDock gives the modern merchant highest return for least effort on one of the world’s most cost effective recurring payments platforms. *

Feature summary

The following features are a brief summary of PayDock’s recurring payments engine. To find out more about how our recurring payments engine can support your specific needs please contact us.

  • Flexible intervals – Choose from Day, Week, Month or Year.
  • Choice of dates – Start/end/pause subscriptions based on your needs.
  • Variable frequency – Select how often the payment runs (ie every 1st day, 2nd week, 6th month etc).
  • Value targets – Generate payment plans, set target payment amounts over a period, set payment thresholds.
  • Simple changes – Easily adjust subscriptions in realtime without cancellation and restarting. Some of the adjustments available include amount, next-payment-date, frequency, interval etc.
  • Subscription pause – Enable subscriptions to be stopped indefinitely and restarted on-demand.
  • Multiple payment types – One engine for running across your preferred payment services.
  • Realtime notifications – Send/receive SMS/Email or Webhook notifications of recurring payment events to improve the customer experience and reduce administration time and effort.
  • Secure – Payments are processed within PayDock's PCI-DSS compliant service.
  • Simple Reconciliation – A single dashboard to see all your subscriptions across payment services.
  • No switching – PayDock works with your preferred payment gateway/service, no switching required!

Combined with our unique Vault and Notification service, PayDock presents the most cost effective way online to securely and automatically take payments, no matter the payment service, no matter the schedule.

* Compared to other sophisticated and popular recurring services who often price at about 1.25% of revenue plus a flat fee.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash