Staying connected matters

PayDock Vault and Customer Management

Staying connected,  keeping in control and reducing risk is critical for today’s sophisticated merchant.

With the PayDock Vault and Customer Management service, merchants are able to safely backup, store and manage their customers’ sensitive payment data. This enables merchants are able to at all times:

  • Easily work with their various payment providers
  • Never lose control of their customer data, tokens or payment services
  • Centralise payment sources across multiple payment types (ie PayPal, C/Card, Bank Account)
  • Have a ‘backup’ solution in place if a downstream payment service goes offline for any reason.
  • Introduce ‘backup’ payment sources for customers in the event a primary payment source is unable to be charged
  • Create ‘one-click’ payment solutions for merchants reducing payments friction and lifting revenue. This includes both one-click transactions and one-click subscriptions.
  • Update and maintain customer payment details, no matter what gateway, CRM or other services are in use.
  • See a complete history of customer payments across time irrespective of payment source or payment service provider used

Our goal is to make sure today’s merchant is in full control of their payments ecosystem.

PayDock’s Vault and Customer Management tool returns that control.


Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash