Restriction free payment solutions

Build an agile payment service into your platform in minutes – without stressing about which gateway is the best fit today.

Gain extra insight from ‘smart-silos’ and route payments to the gateway that supports your needs while benefiting from realtime payment redundancy.

Once you’re up and growing, scale in the way you want and take new payment types – without limiting your journey.

PayDock gives you the flexibility to take payments and transact the way you need.

For SaaS and Application Providers

PayDock provides one of the cheapest ‘out of the box’ recurring solutions on the market. Simple.

It’s fully flexible and will integrate into your application through our REST API. Set start dates, end dates, amount, frequency and interval – along with all our other payment facilities such as multi-currency routing and automatic retries and webhooks/alerts.

The best part? Work with gateways that give you best value and suit your location and market. This will reduce cost and give you better ability to run your business, however you scale.

For Startups

Build your payment solution for free, without committing to anything. Simply get a sandbox account, then look at the gateways you want use and plug (or as we say ‘dock’) them in. We know you’re time-poor. PayDock reduces development effort and cost dramatically with your payment solution being coded up in as little as a few minutes. When you launch, if you realise a different gateway is better suited to your needs, no problem, bolt it on, route your payments and keep running. No unwiring. No re-development. No dramas. No cost. Oh, and we’ll take care of that nasty failure management too, let you know if things go wrong, and give you pending expiry warnings. All part of the service.

Get started today

Just an email address and a password is all you need to take a look and get started today. Simple. Easy. PayDock.