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The Inevitability of Payments Orchestration

The payments industry has arrived at a point where, for merchants defining payments strategy, it is difficult to justify a starting point other than orchestration. Payments orchestration, for those who are new is, the act of using a compliant, managed platform to simplify acceptance across a disparate and changing set of providers (while maintaining a […]

In a time of crisis – efficiency matters

The wonderfully relaxing dictionary definition of being efficient is, ‘achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense’. [1] While I would argue we are all more or less aware of a desire to become efficient within our organisations, the specific steps required to move toward that end state are often vague and ominously serviced […]

Why high-street needs fintech now more than ever

In the world’s fastest moving industry it’s easy to get left behind. As challenger brands, consumer platforms and other fintechs continue their appropriation of customers, [1] established service providers are seeking new ways to retain market share.  The risks present to incumbent providers are outlined in Accenture’s 2019 Global Payments Survey, which reveals that the […]

Why Paydock empowers global Not-for-Profit fundraising

Global payment management across a distributed giving-base can be hard if you’re an international NFP. Factor in local fundraising offices, currencies and admin you can be taking (and managing) money all the way from India to the UK and USA. We know that using only a single ‘super’ provider rarely delivers the best value to […]

Paydock provides more value for both customers and gateways

We love solutions where everybody wins Building Paydock we noticed many of us typically experienced gateway discomfort when, with our existing (or proposed) payments provider, the functional set didn’t fully meet current or emerging business needs. The juggling of many different criteria and the looking for the ‘uber’ service we actually needed without creating too much […]

How to enable a best-practice ‘redundant’ payments approach

With all the issues at NAB’s online payment service recently… @NAB Man my customers are angry and rightly so its been nearly 24 hours. Give us a timeframe please. — MuscleBox (@Muscle_Box_me) June 2, 2015 Which also affected Secure Pay customers… Why @NAB payments portal fix was so disastrous is still a mystery http://t.co/WXoMxjMXRL @braintree @SecurePayAus […]