$4000 in minutes

Q: What’s the value of a backup gateway?

A: You never know till it’s down.

Today, one of our valued customers, ‘Mitch’, had an experience where his payment gateway’s production API was unresponsive. Orders were coming in and hitting a brick wall.

While we understand there’s a range of reasons why this might happen (and very often the gateway is not to blame), for most of us, payments is critical.

‘Mitch’ called us here at Paydock asking what might be the issue and we quickly investigated by reaching out to the gateway. You may have experienced something similar to the response we received below:

“Thanks for your patience, I have been advised we are currently having some connectivity issues with our API. Our team are working to resolve as soon as possible….”

We asked if it was affecting all environments…

“Just production at this point.”

Not something you want to hear as a customer.

Paydock enables seamless fail-over

Through the Paydock API, ‘Mitch’ was able to dynamically route payments to an alternative provider where over $4000 of otherwise failed orders were successfully processed.

When describing what the staff had to do different to manage the sales process to his staff ‘Mitch’ had a single word:


What’s a seamless fail-over worth to your organisation?

Just count the transactions you have, multiply by time, and you’ll know. For ‘Mitch’ it was thousands of dollars per hour.

When Paydock can be deployed in hours you have to ask, “How much is a Paydock enabled backup gateway process worth to your organisation?”



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