Why Paydock is the Captain Planet of Payments

By using Paydock you too can combine the powers of your payment gateways (and get some added benefits too)

Take two great payment gateways Pin Payments and Ezidebit.

Ezidebit are the direct debit experts. Their platform allows you to get paid in multiple ways and direct debit is obviously one of their biggest features.

Pin Payments is another great payment tool. Businesses love their ease of setup, the fact that no merchant account is needed, and the tools that come with it.

Both of these companies offer features that you may need for your business, and may want to integrate to software, or website. And by connecting both of these through Paydock, and you’ll be able to do more than what both of these fantastic tools offer by themselves.

By their powers combined they are…

Not only will you have direct debit, easy setup, multi currency abilities all in Paydock single API call, but you’ll also have webhooks and instant notifications as you need them.

Paydock brings you the best of both worlds, and offers you even more. The same is true for other gateways that you might want to combine.

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