How To Own Your Own Data

So you’ve decided to move to a new credit card processor. You think to yourself it won’t be a problem, because with today’s technology you should be able to move any information that’s yours. It’s yours right?

It’s not always in the front of your mind, but consider the following scenario.

“If you want to leave… they will put up a fight when you ask for your data. They will claim they can’t do it or at best they will say it costs anywhere from $500-$1500 to export the data into a CSV file for you.”
Robert Oswald, on aren’t the only processor to squeeze you when it comes to your own data. One of the pitfalls of going with a payment gateway or credit card processor, is not only having to pay, but that you may not even be able to get your data at all.

Let me present to you a different way of thinking about it.

If instead of building a connection to your credit card processor and hoping they give you your data when you want it, why not get someone to securely keep the data for you? That way when you switch payment gateways, your data isn’t lost – and it’s not at the whim of a business that only wants you for themselves.

Build with Paydock, and keep your customer data independent of your credit card processor. Not only does Paydock make it easier for you to take payments, but your customer data changes with you when you change too.

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