If you could fix one thing with your payment gateway what would it be?

In May and June we conducted the 2015 Payment Gateway Survey, we wanted to know what people thought of their payment gateways, and how they would improve on what they were offered. It was an eye opening survey, with some of our assumptions challenged, and others reinforced.

We heard from businesses, developers, and nonprofits – some were happy with their gateway, some were frustrated. But when it came to wanting something more from their payment gateway, every respondent had something ready to share.

We thought ‘lower fees’ would be one of the biggest themes that businesses would want to change about their gateway. Only 20% of the respondents answered to this effect, there were a myriad of other responses, here were some key quotes from people who responded:

“Being able to preset regular payments just once and not have to do it every time. There is no capacity to create recurring payments in one hit.”

“More information about what is happening as it happens.”

“Nothing is clear and there is no ability to receive real time notifications.”

“Speed of onboarding and deployment of a solution is a critical factor.”

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