Paydock Master Merchant Platform: Total control for vendors, partners and clients



Manage payments for partners, vendors and customers.

  • Create and manage sub-merchant accounts
  • Monitor activity from all connected merchants via one centralised dashboard (irrespective of payment channel)
  • Prevent fraud and increase security by assigning smart Risk Profiles to your Sub Merchants
  • Increase your brand value by offering Paydock Master Merchant via our fully branded white-label experience for you and your subsidiaries, with access to all Paydock features

From social distancing to remote working practices, businesses today have to adapt and accelerate digitally more than ever before, meaning that focus on efficiency and advanced technologies that can deliver this seamlessly is now more imperative than ever. 

As part of our commitment to merchants and our customers to make the management of payments as easy as possible we work tirelessly to continue to drive innovation and bring products and features that add value to our customers bottom lines.

The Master Merchant Platform is the latest addition to the rich features and benefits we already offer. 

So… how will Paydock Master Merchant benefit your organisation? Here are some of the top reasons:

Stay in control with Risk Profiles 

In a year where cybersecurity has been one of the major concerns and security breaches have been at their highest, the transparency aspect of the Master Merchant platform is of particular importance. The Risk Profile feature, allows Master Merchants to assign risk profiles with different sets of risk rules enabling you to separate the low-risk transactions from the high risk ones and dynamically block or hold for review! You can rest assured you have the maximum security possible. 

Pro tip: Combine Paydock Risk Profiles with our native service integrations with anti-fraud vendors such as Accertify for next-level payments resilience and security.

Audit Tool and Transactions 

We know in any business, detailed reporting is fundamental for decision-making and putting you on the path to success. We’ve further simplified the reporting and reconciliation process with our in-house audit tool. Access group-wide processing data and review Sub Merchant transactions and track API and dashboard activities and actions across your entire payments network (“Audit” page).

Efficient Merchant Support

Focus on core business through our nifty ‘Login-as..’ feature. We’ve made it easy for all Master Merchants to gain access to Sub-Merchants accounts with the ‘Login As’ feature. In just one click from the dashboard, privileged Master Merchant users can gain access to and see data and settings from the Sub-Merchant’s accounts, radically compressing support time and effort. 

Merchant support has never been easier.

Shared Resources and Vault Group 

For a global merchant, creating highly secure yet seamless checkout experiences is critical to a bottom line. For too long this has meant customers have had to re-enter payment details if your network involved more than a single processor.

Paydock has solved this problem through our Shared Vault Service (SVS). SVS enables innovative and PCI DSS compliant payment experiences to be created in minutes that work across any and all payment processors supported by Paydock.

Last but not least…


Apply your own branding with a fully configurable white label experience.

Whitelabel  for total brand control

Build value into your brand and provide a sense of security to your stakeholders through the Paydock white-label capabilities. Master Merchants can apply their own branding directly from the Paydock dashboard and modify brand name, buttons, links, colours, logos, background images and references to their web resources. Changes are instantly reflected across your entire network of the Sub-Merchants ensuring the brand experience is coherent, consistent and aligned with your organisation.


To find out more about our new Master Merchant platform please click here or speak to one of our experts at [email protected] 

You can also watch an explainer video here


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