TRANSAXED: Online Businesses Lose Thousands From NAB Transact Outages

by PayDock

NAB’s Transact has continued to prove unstable as the credit card payment system had an outage on Tuesday. Retailers are up in arms about thousands of dollars in lost sales, business owners and executives have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration.

With no other options but to wait while losing money by the hour, businesses have been growing impatient and desperate for answers from NAB.

Rhys Campbell, a developer from Western Australia, summed up what many businesses are only now realising.

“Another good reason for backup strategies in all things you do, including recieving [sic] electronic payments”

How can you protect your business?

Build a backup plan into your website by using a gateway switch. With PayDock you can switch credit card processors quickly and mitigate against losses when problems arise. This ‘switchability’ means there will be no big losses, no customers complaining about lost payments, and no expensive rebuilding of your website. It’s as simple as loging in to your PayDock account, making the change and you’re back on your way.