Raising the bar in charity donations

How Paydock and The Fundraising People are raising the bar in charity donations

The Fundraising People are an ethical fundraising organisation and have been successfully helping charities secure regular giving donors through face to face campaigns in Australia and New Zealand since November 2008. In order to better increase the return for-cause organisations receive from face to face fundraising, The Fundraising People have worked with PayDock to manage a critical link between:

  1. The capture of donor data;
  2. Initial payment and;
  3. Real time visibility of data

Rather than settle for the industry standard of collecting payment information from donors at the point of sign-up, holding for a few days and then passing onto the charity or payment processor, The Fundraising People worked closely with Paydock to enable all donations to be immediately received by the Charities they serve.  


All of this is achieved without a loss of payment or donor details for the not-for-profit.


By enabling realtime and direct payments to charities, The Fundraising People are able to dynamically re-attempt failed payments as opposed to waiting for feedback from the payment gateway or losing valuable time (and income) in the process as data is passed through manual channels for later activation.

The traditional ecosystem (below) suffers from fragmented data, lost revenue and continual compliance headaches.


The Fundraising People’s difference

By closing the loop without slowing down receipt of payments, The Fundraising People’s Informed and Connected system lifts revenue. Critically, they have been able to achieve all of this in a PCI-DSS Level 1 environment, no matter what payment service or merchant facility is in-use by the charity thanks to PayDock. This often improves the overall compliance of the charities at the same time.



The Fundraising People is extremely proud to have worked in partnership with Paydock to create this payment processing system.  Our intention was to make it faster and more efficient for organisations to debit their donors. In turn expediting much-needed funds out there to the communities that need it the most.

Rachel Brine Director – The Fundraising People

If you would like to find out more about how The Fundraising People offer their services or manage payments you can visit their website here http://www.thefundraisingpeople.com.au.