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Using PayDock to manage your recurring and one-off payments can save you up to 90% of your transaction costs and open up your business to adopting the latest payments technology. All in a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant, cloud-based payments orchestration service that scales as you do.

We compared PayDock with three popular payment platforms to see how they stacked up.

The comparisons were based on pricing published as at 2019, with an online merchant using our PayDock Partner Plan, taking a mix of one-off and recurring payments up to a monthly total of 20,000 transactions with an average sale value of $80.00 USD.

Monthly Flat Fee
% Revenue/Overage
PAYDOCKMonthly Saving
Brand 1
$299 - $599
0.6% and 0.9%
Between $9,584.05 and $14,309.05
Brand 2
Between $15,834.05 and $16,584.05
When working with our
PayDock partnered gateways
Brand 3
$15 - $125
Between $15,985.10 and $16,095.10

Note: We’ve noticed other brands often have artificial limitations and fees. These include limits on the number of connected services, automation limits and other restrictions. These have not been introduced into the above calculations.

As you have probably learned, it becomes confusing and hard to calculate what you’re ‘actually’ on the hook for. So we’ve focused on the headline numbers only, knowing we don’t have these hidden surprises. So this comparison charge may in fact be the minumum benefit PayDock will give you.