Enterprise payments can be costly.

High degrees of sophistication, many moving parts, stakeholders and payment providers in the payments chain can slow down opportunities to increase profit and reduce risk.

PayDock resolves these by enabling enterprise organisations to manage their online payments infrastructure in a scalable, PCI-DSS compliant environment.

Head of Payments/Head of Product

We enable your Head of Payments/Product to test and deploy initiatives to market without lengthy integration timelines and 6-figure development costs. PayDock enables new payment solutions to be trialled and deployed with marginal development cost and time as opposed to 12-month+ windows.

Providing customers or internal stakeholders new methods to securely improve the customer experience and engage new markets makes PayDock a strong fit for enterprise solutions.


Reconciliation of disparate payment services (i.e. PayPal, ZipMoney, Afterpay, Credit Card) can be challenging. Disparate reporting processes, manual exports and imports increase changes for human error and the bulk remittance from numerous providers makes transaction-level reconciliation a two-step process.

PayDock solves these by providing a single stream of transaction reports from all payment services from a single API.


The CTO’s team must be focus on value-added activities related to core business. With the payments team often a significant part of the internal budget, these resources could be better deployed to value-added activities rather than the high-risk, high-compliance, high-availability payments piece.

PayDock can assist the CTO by providing fail-over payment solutions to manage availability risk. PayDock has your CTO covered by providing a single, compliance, seamless API to work with payments services locally and globally.


Protecting consumer and payments data is a primary concern for the CIO. The more integrations, services and data flows that must be actively managed, the more opportunity there is for failure. PayDock removes layers of risk and compliance scope by centralising the digital payments processes through a single channel.

No more backflips to manage PCI compliance and the necessary loss of customer data, PayDock’s Vault provides a safe store to lock away and retrieve customer payment data as-needed.