Instant Notifications

15 Events and Counting

Don’t be notified just when a transaction succeeds or fails. Rather, reduce costs, time and improve customer experience by being able to respond in realtime to events right across your payments ecosystem. Want even more? Drop us a line and we’ll see if we can add it to the roadmap for you!

More than just ‘what’, also ‘how’

Notifications can be distributed to recipients of your choice (donors and customers as well as internal team members) by email and SMS. We haven’t forgotten your tech team either with full webhook support for every event.

Details matter

PayDock provides a range of replacement variables for each event, enabling you to personalise your communication and enrich your customer’s financial relationship with you. Don’t send generic messages any longer, use PayDock Notifications.

Replay the highlights (or lowlights?)

Yes, we have a full historical event replay capability for you in the event a webhook isn’t handled by your third party service correctly or simply a customer missed a receipt. We have your back here.