Multi-Role, Multi User Permissions (and API)

One dashboard, all stakeholders, fully transparent

Kind of a big deal

When it comes to payments, you want to know exactly ‘who is doing what, where and when’ in your house. Just like you do in your real house, you would not want random strangers wandering around, looking at things, breaking and possibly stealing them – yet this is exactly what we often do in our payment stacks.

PayDock means you can sleep at night

The PayDock User service enables you to create unlimited additional users, assign permissions to them, and roll back their access and/or permissions based on your needs. Providing fine-grained, modifiable access controls to stakeholders within your payments chain is, we suggest, a critical hygiene matter for any organisation concerned about privacy, risk and compliance. PayDock agrees with your risk appetite, so we enabled you to act on it by providing key levers for you to introduce to your personally identifiable and sensitive data policies.

Sharing passwords is, like, so pre-PayDock

If you have ever been guilty of saying, ‘here’s our PayPal login’ to your developer, you will know what we mean here. Now you  no longer need to as PayDock enables you to view, reconcile, manage and all aspects of your payments ecosystem in a true enterprise fashion.

Beyond just access control

We go further. Connected to the heart of PayDock is the PayDock Audit tool, which we call PayDock X-Ray. PayDock X-Ray enables you to trace what these users are doing within your ecosystem and to extract auditable, traceable artefacts to provide evidence of compliance, or to provide clear remediation paths in the event of malicious or accidental events.