Realtime Routing

A place where things go your way

Unlike most things in the world, PayDock’s routing engine makes sure your transactions go where you want them to, without you having to kick of a bit IT project full of words like ‘compliance’, ‘sprints’, ‘developers’ and ‘budget’. PayDock’s routing engine enables you to build a suite of configurable rules in an ‘if-this-then-that’ arrangement.

Freedom even America would respect

Using the PayDock SDK/Widget digital merchants are truly able to experience ‘the last payment integration they’ll ever need’ because PayDock is 100% agnostic, meaning that the installation of a single widget routes transactions to the PayDock engine, where you can then specify what happens next from the dashboard. Easy.

Cascading logic

PayDock routing rules can be ‘stacked’ meaning you can set multiple rules in place, with the first rule that is activated applying. This enables rich logic to apply based on:

  • Payment type
  • Currency
  • Payment method