Recurring Payments

The highest value recurring payments engine on earth*

PayDock sports a recurring payments engine the way Barbie sports Ken.

They look good together don’t they?

The highlight reel

PayDock’s recurring engine provides autonomous recurring payments across your PayDock-managed payment gateway infrastructure.

  1. Infinitely flexible interval and frequency – Fortnightly, every 8 days, 20 months, monthly.. you name the combination, 100% we support it.
  2. Choose the beginning (not just the end) – get that subscription rolling exactly when you want it, either immediately or at a target date and time
  3. ‘Set-and-forget’ with intelligent end conditions – Basically a pre-nup but for digital subscriptions. A few of these handy conditions include:
    • Target date (stop on a date)
    • Target amount (stop on, before or first payment after target amount) – P.S. this is great for giving pledges
    • Target number of transactions (stop after X payments)
    • Never stop (the old classic)
  4. Alert, not alarmed  – Combine our Notification Engine stay in touch with how those membership or recurring donor payments are tracking
  5. Configurable retry engine – Set it at an enterprise level down to a per-subscription level. You are in control of ‘what happens and how’ when a payment fails, how many times you retry, how long between retries, and what happens then.
  6. It’s O.K. to change your mind – We know things change, so you can modify subscription settings in realtime, no fuss.
  7. Data, data, data – Benefit from at-a-glance statistics on individual or enterprise subscription behaviour from the PayDock dashboard to help you reduce cost and time in managing your donors and customers.