Reporting Services

We know in any business, reporting is fundamental for decision making and putting you on the path to success, that’s why we’ve made reporting a seamless process with our following features: 

Simple Global Dashboard and Reporting APIs

Our dashboards provide critical reporting and metrics information, which is pivotel in Business Performance Management. By displaying key metrics and performance indicators in real time, Paydock facilitates well founded and accurate decision making, supporting your business’ future. 

Usage Audit/Tracking Tool

Our Audit Tool gives auditable visibility of all activity in real time across the Paydock ecosystem. Allowing you to monitor all gateways, users and updates all within the Paydock network. This is available in Paydock’s multi-user engine, so merchants can track actions of their staff, external developers and third party integrations. 

If you want to find the Audit tool on your dashboard, please log into your Paydock account, go to Profile Menu > Audit.

To find out more about our reporting services, feel free to speak to one of our experts at [email protected]