Secure Storage Vault

Being locked up is good

PayDock’s Vault is at the heart of our promise to merchants. By safely storing each payment source in a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant vault, our customers regain lost power and freedom in managing their payment ecosystem. Interoperability, portability, best-of-breed are not just catch-phrases for conferences but genuinely valuable things when it is possible to leverage them for profit. This is what PayDock gives you with each payment source you store in the vault.

Next-generation safety

PayDock will store your credit cards and return a special PayDock Vault Token. This is your alias for the card you have stored and you are now able to effectively route, update and charge these vaulted cards without exposing sensitive data – your PCI compliance scope is compressed to its bare minimum.


It’s tough when you rely on payments, but you can’t take one, right? PayDock mitigates your downtime risk by enabling you to fail-over to an alternate gateway when your primary gateway is down. By ensuring your customer’s sensitive payment data is securely stored in our vault, you also ensure your business is open for business when your service providers experience downtime.