Unlimited Connections

Integrate, iterate, orchestrate

PayDock enables you to plug in hundreds of instances of gateways globally and remain in total control. PayDock is to payments what a conductor is to an orchestra. Transactions can be tagged, routed, analysed and filtered by connected payment source. Expand effortlessly to new geographies, currencies and regions knowing you are in control.

A few clicks not a few G’s

Adding a new payment service to PayDock takes a few seconds in our dashboard. You can test your connection to make sure the gateway is active (if you’re worried it’s down) and fail-over to alternative providers in the event it is. At the same time you’ve made your CTO very happy, because he hasn’t had to integrate ‘yet another gateway’.

Save cash day one

Sometimes you just like money. We don’t blame you. Using the service connections you can use the gateways that best suit your business needs depending on the phase of business you’re in. Best-of-breed always trumps single-vendor, and we’re here to have your back.

Loads of services

We have over 25 of your favourite payment gateway and acceptance services already connected and are adding more constantly.
Click here to see our current list.