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Welcome to Orchestration as a Service

With Paydock, banks and other financial institutions can unlock the power of enterprise-grade orchestration to offer the latest payment methods and services to their business banking customers. Paydock’s orchestration layer can be fully white-labelled and resold as a critical component of a bank’s payments offering.

Banks can build on their acquiring services by connecting to multiple (unlimited!) gateways to ensure 100% uptime and give ultimate choice and flexibility to merchants; easily adding local and alternative payment methods and integrating with value-add services, such as fraud tools, accounting software, and shopping carts.

Bring everything merchants of any size need and expect for their payments stack together into one platform.

Paydock enables financial institutions to leap-frog challenger processors.

Function faster with less
complexity and clutter.

Increase merchant acquiring market share

Effortlessly add the latest payment methods to your processing and acquiring solutions with just a few clicks

Deliver value for your business banking clients

Boost retention with a comprehensive offering that empowers them to connect with value-add services and a powerful customer experience

Stay ahead of payments innovation

By partnering with a trusted FinTech brand, you will become an even more critical component of your merchants’ payment tech stacks.

Capitalise on your existing merchant network base

Strengthen your payments value proposition with everything your merchants need for all their payments in one place.

Build value into your brand

White-label the entire solution, even down to the support documentation, to provide a sense of security and familiarity for your merchants.

Gain End-to-end traceability

Full visibility of transactional data across all channels and processors to leverage for analytics, cross-selling, risk management, and more.

Key Features

Managed End to End Infrastructure

Paydock provides an acquirer portal that gives banks complete oversight of the entire ecosystem and integrates with other banking services. Manage each of your merchants through a central hub across their entire lifecycle, creating unlimited merchant accounts and monitoring transactional activity from a single dashboard.

Each merchant operates in a completely white-labelled environment, even down to the API and support documentation, building on the brand trust you’ve built over years of hard work.

The portal also enables multiple levels of hierarchy, meaning institutions can add Master Merchant layers for branded environments in which their clients, such as marketplaces and multi-brand merchants, can deploy hierarchical systems to manage their sub-merchants.

Unlimited Connections

Open up the entire world of FinTech innovation for your merchants through unlimited connections to schemes, gateways, fraud services, alternative payment methods, and more, keeping them all connected to your acquiring and processing services. Banks utilise orchestration to easily integrate with value-add services and create powerful customer and consumer experiences. All of a merchant’s payment needs are available in one dashboard and API integration.

Omni Channel Insights

Break down the silos between your payments data and supplement with data across the entire payments stack. Data on all of the transactions across every payments channel and vendor (even other acquirers!) used by your merchants can now be viewed and analysed in a central location. Gain deep insights into how merchants are transacting across their business to optimise your solutions.

The Paydock Widget

Provide an easy to use solution for merchants of all types to easily integrate the orchestration layer to their checkout flow. Our low-code (soon to be no code!) widget can be installed in just a few lines of code and is fully customisable. Simply drop it in and start optimising payments right away!

Enterprise Security and Compliance

We take security and compliance seriously and Paydock’s platform and systems are protected by the highest level of security protocols. Tokens are stored in a PCI Level 1 vault, allowing banks to stay in control of their customer data. Access to the dashboard and API endpoints can be controlled through fine-grained, customisable role-based access controls and time-bound access tokens. The entire service can be audited down to the smallest details. And we have built our internal systems to comply with all the necessary regulatory requirements to work with large financial institutions in complex environments.

Enter a new Era of Payments Innovation

As a nimble FinTech, Paydock is built for speedy innovation and has an aggressive roadmap to help banks get ahead of their clients’ needs. Whether it is in how banks manage their merchants or quickly bringing the latest and greatest payments technology to market, a partnership with Paydock will help you stay on the cutting edge of payments.

Start transforming payments today.

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