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An explosive growth of alternative and local payment methods has caused an aggressive commoditisation in the processing market, with merchants rapidly drowning in an ocean of choice as they seek to remain agile yet capitalise across an increasingly fragmented and brittle payments market. Customers expect multiple payment methods and a seamless checkout experience. No single vendor can provide everything.

By defaulting to an orchestration-first payments strategy with Paydock, merchants are able to plug in multiple vendors through a simple, uniformed platform whilst satisfying mandatory technical, compliance, security and other functional requirements and above all else, it eliminates both the complexity and costs of managing a multi-vendor solution.

Manage a complex web of payments through a Single API

This is the last payments integration you’ll ever have to do. You can add new Payment Service Providers, Buy Now Pay Laters, alternative payment methods, local payment methods, fraud services, and more through our single API and reporting dashboard. We provide a single, modular framework so there is no need to maintain and juggle multiple SDK’s and integrations, just one simple solution.

Future proof your payments stack.

With rapid innovations in the payments industry it’s more important than ever to stay on top of what the market has to offer. Paydock future-proofs your ecosystem, giving your customers the ability to capitalise from the increasing rate of fragmentation. Connect to the latest payment methods from your Paydock dashboard and give your customers the confidence to move freely with new entrants and trends within the ever changing landscape. The single vendor strategy is dead.

Through one API integration, universal SDK, and reporting dashboard, merchants can manage all of their payments providers, simplify payment flows. With an easy and fast to integrate API, our orchestration platform is transparent to the payee and fully plug-and-play for the merchant.

Our Core Platform

A singular dashboard to manage your entire payments ecosystem.

  • Services  – Add unlimited connections and manage all connected service providers
  • Audit tool  – Track and trace activities by all users within your payments ecosystem
  • Multi Role and User Management  – Create users with fine-grained and time-bound permissions 
  • Charges and TransactionsAll of  your payments processed from your customers across all channels with value-added insights
  • Reporting Create customised reports and filters for downstream analysis and reconciliation
  • Subscriptions Sophisticated recurring payments engine available within our orchestration framework
  • TransfersFor remittance/payouts between parties to close the loop for travel and other platform businesses
  • CustomersA centralised customer store enabling management of payment sources, subscriptions, charges, insights etc.
  • Vault Minimise your PCI Compliance scope with our Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Storage
  • Rules  – Automate your payment flow and enable prioritised ‘if-this-then-that’ workflows
  • Notifications Event driven actions including email, webhook and SMS

Our Master Merchant Platform

Larger platform merchants can be a master merchant and manage a network of sub-merchants.

We’ve extended our core orchestration stack to a unique management framework that helps today’s new generation of B2B and digital merchants manage not only acceptance but also downstream related vendors and their customers and their payment methods.

The Master Merchant Platform is a fully white-label capable platform for you and your subsidiaries and sub-merchants, with access to all of our core Paydock features and more.

With this platform, Master Merchants can create unlimited sub-merchant’s accounts and monitor all transactional activity from your dashboard or through the API.

A full white label experience.

Build value into your brand and provide a sense of security to your stakeholders through the Paydock white-label capabilities. Changes are instantly reflected across your entire network of the Sub-Merchants ensuring the brand experience is coherent, consistent and aligned with your organisation.

Manage your risk.

Activate, mix and match, assess efficacy and interoperate fraud vendors based on their particular risk profile and technical stack. With our risk profile feature, you can assign specific risk profiles with different sets of rules, separating low-risk transactions from the high risk ones and dynamically block or hold for review. Combining these risk profiles with native service integrations with anti-fraud vendors provides next-level payments resilience security.

Radically compress support time and effort.

Gain access to Sub-Merchants accounts with our ‘Login As’ feature. In just one click from the dashboard, privileged Master Merchant users can gain access to and see data and settings from the Sub-Merchant’s accounts.

Start transforming payments today.

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