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PayDock + NAB

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What is NAB?

National Australia Bank is Australia’s largest business bank serving 10 million customers in Australia, New Zealand and all around the world. NAB offers two plans for merchants: NAB Transact and NAB eCommerce Merchant Account.

NAB Transact is a complete solution that gives you the power to process online, phone and mail order payments. NAB Transact includes both the payment gateway service that PayDock integrates with and a merchant account to settle customer transactions.

NaB eCommerce Merchant Account is a merchant account that gives you the flexibility to transact through any NAB accredited gateway provider.

What is PayDock?

PayDock is a universal payments adapter giving merchants complete control over their customer’s payments experience. We enable our merchants to offer their customers more payment methods and drastically reduce the cost of payment gateway integration.

See here for more information on PayDock’s features.

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