How it works

Paydock is an enterprise-grade payments orchestration platform focused on reducing the substantial cost and effort within a merchant’s payments experience. Paydock focuses on reducing compliance, technical and administrative costs and at the same time improving the overall payment experience through a set of supportive tooling to remove friction and inefficiency. The result is increased revenue flowing through at lower overall cost.

Controlling your chaos

Paydock allows merchants to ‘plug-in’ their payment services providers (and connect more) through a single dashboard. Like an ‘Amazon for payments’ Paydock provides a fully PCI-DSS compliant ecosystem for merchants to easily manage Donors and Customers, Payment Service Providers, Staff, Subscriptions and Transaction Information under one roof.

Through the singular reporting API, Paydock enhances the value received from accounting, customer and donor management and marketing tools by streaming consolidated, realtime transactional information into third party endpoints.

Beautiful experiences

Deploy harmonised checkout workflows while remaining free to onboard new or optimise existing payment services. Paydock provides a range of integration options to ensure that your PCI scope is managed without compromising your consumer experience. These options include our ‘drop-in’ widget, client-side Javascript and our Restful API.

Clean and friendly dashboard

Gone are the days of juggling 5 different dashboards to manage your payments stack or produce a simple report. The Paydock unified dashboard brings together all your payment services, customers and transactional information into a single hub. The Dashboard also enables you to plug in new Services and manage (and audit) your organisation’s users ensuring that you can track all activity within your payments ecosystem.

Sophisticated API

Rich and accessible RestFUL API enables your organisation to seamlessly integrate Paydock into your existing service stack without disruption. Extend the Paydock experience to add value to your third party tooling including ERP, CRM, accounting and other critical components to your payments flow.


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