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Raiser's Edge

Supercharge both donor insights and giving capabilities by using PayDock with Blackbaud’s Raisers Edge. PayDock works with recognised Raiser’s Edge specialists to ensure your end to end giving experience is optimised from conversion to donor management, no matter the payment type (credit card, direct debit, PayPal) or payment frequency. Take advantage of our full feature set, while getting increased value from your CRM.


Seamlessly link and manage payments in a truely PCI-DSS compliant solution. PayDock enables you to ensure your CRM is connected to your payments infrastructure in real time, no matter what gateway, payment method or future payment strategy you have. PayDock can connect you with a number of Salesforce consultants who have plug-and-play solutions to help you get the most out of your CRM as well as your payments strategy.


Securely accept payment and card information to your PayDock account from the globally recognised Evergiving platform. Evergiving enables you to link up your broader payment strategy and encompass face-to-face payments acceptance within your overall payments workflow. Speak to us to find out how.


Receive sensitive payment information in the post or by paper? PayDock accepts secure card and payment information via the Ezescan platform so that you can reduce PCI-DSS compliant scope while accepting giving/donor information in the post.

Is there another integration you would like us to have? 

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