PayDock provides more value for both customers and gateways

We love solutions where everybody wins

Building PayDock we¬†noticed many¬†of us¬†typically experienced gateway discomfort when, with our existing (or proposed) payments provider, the functional set didn’t¬†fully meet¬†current or emerging business needs.

The juggling of many different criteria and the looking for the¬†‘uber’ service we actually needed without creating too much disruption or cost was¬†hard. Very hard. And waiting for our current gateway to release the feature we needed could¬†also take more time that we had.

Many reasons to stick existing/preferred gateways

Beyond this, other¬†factors not just¬†the ‘transaction’ component also formed part of the decision making scenario. These factors could be:

  • the¬†convenience¬†because we¬†already banked with them
  • really good fees as a result of long term relationship with the existing bank/gateway
  • amazing support team and service
  • …or¬†that¬†‚Äėparticular admin feature‚Äô

These are all good reasons, but what none of us wanted to find was that the gateway we finally engaged with (or currently used) had some unexpected limitation or drawback we didn’t realise.

Don’t¬†switch gateways¬†– just add¬†value

Our gateway friends might¬†even have ticked¬†80% of the boxes but because they didn’t¬†have ‚Äôthat’ critical feature (e.g. multi-currency or direct-debit processing), though all the other things were great, we couldn’t¬†move ahead.

What PayDock has been enabling however is a solution where¬†both gateways and their consumers overcome this problem. Our customers as gateway-consumers benefit by getting¬†more value out of their preferred platforms¬†and, PayDock enables gateways to ‚Äėstay in the game‚Äô as services can be extended beyond existing¬†scope through the PayDock facility. This is a win for both the gateways and consumers.

Payment service consumers¬†don’t have to be restricted and¬†PayDock itself includes many features which extend standard¬†offerings of existing gateways. We enable easy¬†scaling¬†into new¬†currency, geography and transaction types and all this becomes a matter of ‘plugging in’ the appropriate service ‚Äď with no risk of cost or business disruption.

A¬†win-win… win for all

Gateways too can access potential clients beyond their typical reach by extending their services through the PayDock platform. This risk-removal and value-add enables greater scope and utilisation of many of the great gateways we enjoy today.

We call this a win-win scenario, or if you watch The Office, a win-win-win scenario.

~ Rob

P.S. Take a look at the Features Browser to see how you can get the most value from your gateway partner through PayDock.


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