PayDock ♥ Not-for-Profits

Managing giving programs across fundraising initiatives and payment types can be costly and confusing.

All we really want to do is to connect you with your donors and increase your ability to fulfil your mission without payment pain. Mix together PayPal, Credit Cards, Direct Debit, recurring donations and it can all get expensive, confusing and hard.

Good news, we love Not-for-Profit organisations and have invested years in building a solution especially to help organisations like yours.

PayDock makes payment management and giving easy.

We help you:

  • Reduce the costs of giving programs across the board
  • Increase your ability to rapidly deploy one-off and recurring giving solutions
  • Drive better donor experience and increased revenue through best-practice portals
  • Increase ROI through optimised workflows and nurturing experiences
  • Get more value from existing payment partnerships
  • Easily get data in-and-out of existing systems
  • Understand key donors and channel trends
  • Equip your field workers to conduct on-location fundraising through their own communities
  • Create innovative peer-to-peer solutions on common tools such as WordPress
  • Recover lost income through built-in recurring failure management and alerts

Become a winning fundraiser

Removing financial and engagement hurdles for prospective donors can now be done without adding loads to your internal systems. Costs come down as you can work with gateways that provide the best value and your fundraising team can proceed uninhibited.

We love our NFP clients and if you have a success story or want to talk to us directly about how PayDock is here to help you, please reach out. We promise to get back to you very shortly and see how we can help raise your online income through PayDock.

Don’t take our word for it

“Working with Not-For Profits for the last 8 years, I know how challenging best-practice fundraising can be.

Payment problems can undermine even the best campaigns and diminish returns. The way PayDock enables organisations to expand their payment capabilities, reduce cost and scale into new markets is a game-changer.

We’re very exited about PayDock, what it means for the strategic team at Dunham+Company and for the many organisations we hope will benefit from the platform globally.”

Joshua Crowther – Director of Strategic Services / Dunham+Company

“We’ve saved $10,000 in transaction fees, more than 30 hours per week in admin and our conversions have lifted by over 40%.”

John Bishop – CTO at PetRescue

“We used to have to think about the limitations of our payment gateway, now we can think about what’s best for our donors.”

Kerren Morris – Head of Individual and Community Giving at Australian Red Cross