PayDock Branding Update

We’re excited to announce todays’ update of the PayDock branding.

Extending our progressive narrative on the foundational harmonic and interoperable elements drawn from previous interlocking symbolism we are now releasing a cleaner and sharper iconography. By doing so we establish a stronger, more prominent and recognisable brand presence as a market leader in payment orchestration and strategic merchant and processor solutions.

We have retained our core hexagonal motif as one of nature’s most foundational skeletal structures – from tessellated stone, interconnected organic compounds, high-strength synthetic structures and how we understand and communicate the harmonic and productive bonding of elements. The PayDock product and brand is designed to communicate these same values. Matched with our name PayDock we seek to communicate foundational strength and applied, regular and useful ordering of independent objects, where the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Our mission has never been more important than in payments, with service fragmentation at an all-time high and merchants urgently looking for means to control the chaos, create strong payment structures and stop the profit loss they’re currently suffering.

PayDock remains and ever will be committed to bringing order to chaos and simplicity to fragmentation.

We trust you enjoy our updated brand.

Note: If you’d like to download brand assets for your websites and publications you can find these here.

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