Paydock now available via Payshield to provide secure IVR transactions

In welcome news to medium and large merchants looking to compress compliance scope and yet provide leading IVR experiences to customers, Paydock can now be enjoyed as part of the Payshield offering, providing merchants with dynamic choice of over 30 processing partners within an orchestration environment while delivering seamless over-the-phone payment experiences. 

Payshield’s capability enables merchants to securely capture credit card data and process through any of their Paydock-connected payment gateways. By working with Paydock+Payshield, merchants are able to further their orchestration solution and benefit from a single source of transaction truth regardless of the acceptance point.

Rob Lincolne, founder and CEO of Paydock said: “Harmonising compliance, consumer experience and payment vendors hasn’t always been easy. As credit card security breaches become more prevalent, we are excited to be able to remove common pain points with the team at Payshield to deepen merchant security, improve brand experiences and work closely with their choice of processing partner.” 

Paydock’s technology is used by leading global merchants and platforms who benefit from a myriad of features such as dynamic vaulting and routing capabilities, sophisticated user management and vendor support.

Commenting on the collaboration, managing director of Payshield, Dmitri Muntean said “Integration with Paydock allows us to instantly enable over 30 payment providers for our customers, speeding up the deployment and adoption of our services that help merchants reduce their PCI-DSS exposure.”


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