PayDock Release ‘Elton’ August 19th 2015

by PayDock
Press Releases

We’re very excited to announce some exciting new features on the PayDock API as well as overall improvements to the admin interface.

Summary: “More goodies we hope will make your life easier – and more exciting”. (well we try)

See the screenshot below then a little more detail of some of the new ‘under the hood’ power.

If there’s something you’d love to see added, please shoot us a line at [email protected].

We love building payment solutions to help your business.


All of us here at PayDock

API Release (v1.1.8)

  • Searchable parameters when requesting Charges through the API. You can add these as query parameters today. Simply add use like ‘/v1/charges?gateway=1234567890&from=ddmmyyyy’
    • “gateway” – include a specific Gateway ID when requesting the charges log to filter output by gateway
    • “from” – include charges from a specific date (ddmmyyyy)
    • “to” – include charges up to a specific date (ddmmyyyy)

Web Client Release (v1.0.3)


  • Ability to manager your user avatar under My Account -> Personal/User Details
  • Ability to manage refund requests through interface
  • Ability to leverage new API capabilities through interface

Interface screenshot:

Other General Updates

  • Some minor styling fixes to email templates
  • Some overall UX polishing and improvements
  • Better management of personal and company information in web client