Paydock ‘Orta’: New subscription capabilities + more

More than just your average recurring engine

While many services have the ‘recurring’ sticker, we strive to deliver the kind of recurring you can build your business on.

We’ve now extended our subscription engine to include some fancy (and handy) termination logic. This means you can, as of today, build products and services that create new opportunities for your brand and reduce cost and effort for your team.

For example, you can now for any frequency and interval build ‘payment plans’ (a.k.a. lay-by or lay-away) directly into the platform. You can also set recurring payments to persist for only a specific number of transactions or simply deploy a set of auto-expiry events (of course ‘never’ is still an option too).

Build subscriptions that meet your product needs and customer expectations without pain or cost.

Check the notes for the goodness, we’re pretty stoked.

Love, all of us at Paydock

API Release (v1.2.13)

  • New Subscription logic. Now terminate Subscriptions…
    • Never
    • At target date
    • After specified number of transactions
    • When target value is either reached, or first payment after exceeding
    • Prior to reaching a target value
    • Complete target value (remainder paid on last payment)
  • Ability to filter Subscriptions and Customers and by Gateway

Web Client Release (v1.1.19)

  • Ability to create and manage Subscription end-events
  • Fixed an issue where new users were not immediately redirected to dashboard
  • Small UI improvements

Interface Screenshots


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