Why Should Web Agencies Use Paydock at all?

Someone recently said to me, ‘I have a payment gateway already, why should I pay to use Paydock?’ Of course I immediately thought, ‘Well it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? I mean it’s Paydock it’s amazing.’

It’s not a big shock that he wasn’t 100% sold on it without being a part of it already. So here’s a brief overview of how I replied.

  1. Using Paydock significantly reduces development time & cost for your website or app. Integrate once – and we link to all the gateways. It can be very expensive when setting up software/websites.
  2. It reduces maintenance costs in the long term. We maintain the code so you don’t have to.
  3. You get features that your gateway doesn’t have, and you don’t have to pay to have them made just for your website.
  4. Move to a new gateway & payments move with you. Your history, data and account all stay where they are, you just switch.

It’s core to the reason we have worked on Paydock for the last two and a half years. I believe it will make things so much easier for web developers and app developers.

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