Paydock provides numerous resources to support pre and post-integration support.


First stop the Paydock Helpdesk. This contains FAQs, key concepts, integration instructions, videos, tutorials and other information to help you get the most out of Paydock, navigate the dashboard, work with connected services etc.

API Reference Library

For the tech-minded ones of you out there we have a fully documented, comprehensive and REST-based API. This resources is useful once you understand how Paydock works and want to get the most out of your integrations.


We also maintain some handy NPM documentation to help stretch our SDK and other client-side services to provide optimised consumer experiences.–object


We have a number of helpful assets to act as boilerplates. Aside from directly downloadable resources our support team can also furnish you with code snippets to assist with your payments integration. Contact us with your needs. These resources are designed to help you ensure you produce high-performing, coherent and compliant payment experiences, no matter your collection of payment services providers.



We have a number of helpful assets to assist free to use. Our Github includes:

  • SDKs including iOS, Android, PHP, .NET, Ruby