PayDock for Salesforce

Introducing: The new standard in payments for Salesforce

Any gateway, any schedule, fully compliant.

Processing Payments through Salesforce has always been a challenge. Add to that the fact that the modern payment solution requires you to talk to multiple gateways, add payment logic based on region, or have complex payment scheduling and you are quickly knee deep in complexity. 


Salesforce centric payment processing

Keep Salesforce as your one source of truth. Eliminate the need for multiple data silos by having all your payment processing done under the hood of your CRM. Keep it simple, keep it smart!

API-centric connection

Stop fiddling around for days, trying to figure out why the plugin isn’t working. Paydock for Salesforce connects to your PayDock account in seconds:

Manage Subscriptions on record level 

Manage your subscriptions out of the box at Account, Contact or Opportunity level. Add subscription management to any custom objects with very limited configuration and no code.

Lightning Ready, lightning fast

No new interfaces, no complicated forms to navigate. The Paydock for salesforce solution is built with the power of the Lightning UI from the ground up. No more fidgeting around with buttons and forms to take payments.

Genuine PCI Compliance

Simply storing cards in an encrypted field not sufficient under PCI v3.2. Unlike other solutions, Salesforce for PayDock manages all payment actions using PayDock’s Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant vault and SDK so that not-for-profits using PayDock for Salesforce can fully satisfy PCI-DSS SAQ-A compliance level to minimise cost and risk.

Any payment, any schedule

The flexibility of Salesforce, now applied to your payment processing. Process any payment, anywhere, with any schedule. Mix and match your gateways and payment methods and set up complex routing scenarios with no code. If your business can imagine it, the solution can deliver it, all through the power of Salesforce Process Builders and Workflows.

Connecting to any gateway is a ten second process!

Know how to save a record? That means you already know how to process a payment!

Complex processing logic with region and time based charging

A simple process builder is all you need.

Power Analytics inside your main data warehouse

Comprehensive analytics and insights in real-time, as your payment processing unfolds.

Eliminating data silos means you have the full power of Salesforce analytics at your fingertips. Make informed decisions about your payment strategies, by comparing metrics from all parts of your business.


Salesforce for PayDock by Mint Consulting is available from USD $150 per company per month from the Salesforce AppExchange.


On top of included PayDock support you received dedicated support from Salesforce experts at Mint Consulting.

Getting Started

To get started with PayDock for Salesforce contact Mint Consulting ([email protected]).