We want to make the transition from startup to scaleup easy – at least as far as your payments are concerned.

For many startups, using a singular payment service is a great way to proof-of-concept their idea and gain initial traction. Initial credit card payments are handled and not too much thought (distraction) goes into it.

Not long later however, it becomes important to streamline costs and ensure that your business is meeting your customers where they are which includes accessing their preferred payment types.

You may also seek to optimise the consumer experience and work to ensure you can work with preferred payment partners wherever you seek to grow next. 

The risk of becoming victim to ‘payments spaghetti’ is real and getting locked into a corner with a single provider is no longer attractive.

PayDock solves these problems for scaleups by enabling:

  • Rapid adoption of new and alternative payment types
  • Ability to work with preferred providers in target/growth regions globally
  • Simplify and streamline back-office reporting and customer management
  • Manage admin team on refunds and security without exposing key data

Don’t worry about tomorrow

PayDock will enable you to stay ahead of the curve by adopting customer-preferred payment services as and when they hit the market.

No onerous development, no more pleading with your payment service provider to release the feature.

Plug it in and go.