PayDock Payment Elements provides existing payment service providers with rapid support for market engagement. 

As a fully agnostic platform, PayDock’s not only provides a direct-to-merchant offering, but contains a flexible, white-label infrastructure meaning PSPs can benefit from one or many components under the hood – accelerating market penetration. 

PayDock Dashboard Services, PayDockID, Recurring Payments, Merchant Management, Reporting and Reconciliation APIs, PayDock Fraud Guard and more are easy to consume and integrate either as complementary expansions to a core offering or as a complete stand-alone experience.

With deployable containers PayDock can spin up fully managed, PCI-DSS compliant interfaces to support product and market requirements – without the high cost of time and development previously required. PayDock is an agile delivery framework for your product.

Component-Based Innovation - On Demand


PayDockID is a proprietary role management service that supports our agnostic API and Dashboard services. 
Interfacing seamlessly with third party identity and access management services, PayDock ensures rapid payment service deployment for existing gateways and platforms as well as for emerging buy-now-pay-later, alternative payment method and other payment services in the market.
We ensure that our payment service providers can focus on their core business – while we take care of getting it to the market.


PayDock Dashboard Services

PayDocks Dashboard Service ensures both Merchants and Consumers can interface with core payment services. By removing the requirement for service providers who do not traditionally service merchants directly (or do not do so via portal experiences) to grow from a standing start, PayDock’s ability to ‘plug in’ and then present a high-performance, merchant-friendly interface based on the specific service provided by the service provider. 


PayDockID + PayDock Dashboard Services provides a white-label, fully branded console experience for Service Providers and Merchants.

PayDock SDK

PayDockSDK is a ‘drop in’ checkout experience for all payment services we work with. We turn weeks of merchant technical development into ‘three lines’ of drop in code that works with your payment method, connecting consumers with your product without disrupting other services currently relied on by the merchant.


Other Features

PayDock provides scalable cloud payments infrastructure to augment or accelerate your service providers entrance to market. PayDock provides a flexible, interoperable layer to accelerate success in the market. Areas we work in include P2PE for hardware providers seeking rapid market entrance without the requirement of being a ‘complete solution’.

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