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What are the current problems surrounding gateway integration?

Talking to some of our payments advisors, we found that common problems faced by developers surrounding the integration of gateways include:


  1. Upfront cost
    • Different technologies used by each gateway
      • Each gateway has its own API (eg REST, SOAP) as well as a different required data and sets of calls required
    • The time and cost of integration
      • Not all payment methods were created equal and some may have layers of complexity that need to be carefully integrated. 
  2. Maintenance cost
    • Maintenance costs due to the ongoing coding required
      • Need to update your code to stay up to date with the gateway’s API.
  3. Aggregation of gateways
    • Inability to view all transaction data from a single point after integrating several payment methods
    • Difficulties in accessing customer payment information across different gateways
      • Can’t store Gateway X customer payment details on Gateway Y
      • Do not have a central location to store all your customer payment details


Why Paydock?

We know the struggle of working with multiple payment gateways (while juggling client requirements). Like you, we know that development, profitability and third party management can be a tall order, especially in payments, where there are multiple barriers to final delivery. This is where PayDock can help.


Paydock is a smart payments platform designed for merchants and developers. We offer a number of features to solve your payments pain:

    1. Upfront cost
      • Reduces cost of integration with gateway development effort
        • Development time and cost for your website or app is significantly reduced-you only have to integrate with Paydock once to enable access to all payment methods globally.


    1. Maintenance cost
      • Reduce maintenance costs.
        • Paydock keeps up to date with the gateway so you don’t have to worry about updating.


  1. Aggregation of gateways
    • Enhances available functionality through a built in recurring, notification and processing engine.
    • Enables easy monitoring of transaction data through a single interface.
      • If you do decide to move to a new gateway, your history, data and account will all  remain with you/move with you as Paydock’s external token vault stores all payment sources regardless of payment gateway or payment type.
    • Enables a frictionless payments experience for your client .
      • Customer experience and technical solutions are improved through the realtime workflow engines.
      • Sales friction is reduced by offering your customers a number of gateways including Pin Payments, Stripe, eWAY, PayPal, Worldpay and more!


What else?

We offer an easy to work with REST API which can be used to integrate Paydock into your application, with a flexible subscription engine that allows you to set specific start dates, end dates, amount, frequency and interval, along with other payment facilities such as multi-currency routing and automatic retries and webhooks/ alerts.


Paydock also offers a variety of software development kits (SDKs), including Javascript SDK, .Net SDK, Java SDK with iOS and Android on the way, to make integration as easy as possible.


How do I get started?

Paydock offers a sandbox for testing, as well as excellent developer docs for you to use and test out.


You can also talk to one of our friendly payments advisors at [email protected]


With all the issues at NAB’s online payment service recently…

Which also affected Secure Pay customers…

It’s now more clear than ever the need for businesses to safeguard themselves from unexpected and disastrous downtime from their payment service provider.

With extreme losses recently suffered by both businesses and not-for-profits alike many found themselves highly exposed and looking at either one of two solutions.

Pre Paydock Solution #1: Switch providers

This is an obvious yet expensive approach approach I’ve seen many organisations take. Requiring a business-level disentangling of services, websites, applications, management and accounting – it’s always been a highly expensive option (and no more guaranteed) when it comes to stability.

Functional limitations still exist and merchants hold their breath hoping their new partner stays online and their business needs don’t outgrow their gateway.

It really falls into the ‘what else could we do’ department, as Option Two (below) carries its own price tag.

Pre Paydock Solution #2: Incorporate multiple providers

We’ve spoken to organisations who now consider this route. The costs here are extraordinary, with development needing to ‘wire in’ two (or more) gateways to cover functional needs yet provide some kind of backup. There are direct fees from the gateway provider as well as development and administration costs, not to mention the difficulty in managing customer data.

It’s not hard to see that neither of these solutions do not truly represent a elegant insurance policy against gateway downtime.

Paydock provides an alternative approach to the market.


The Paydock Solution…

With Paydock customers have the opportunity to wire into a single API – and work with many gateways. You can ‘red-light, green-light’ gateways through a simple check with our API and perform transaction routing depending on the result.

What this means is that if a payment hits a brick wall because a given gateway is down, Paydock customers can literally pass that through to the next gateway in runtime.


Paydock will minimise downtime, disruption & loss of income.

Furthermore, because we have a semantic API, it’s easy to add to your existing services and as new gateways are added you can drive down direct costs and increase your functional mix with our built-in recurring engine.

We’ve found our customers often don’t even have to uproot their existing merchant/gateway facility but can maintain established banking relationships but, this time, sleep at night knowing there’s a backup, new features and a better solution, ‘just in case’.

We’d love to have a discussion about how we can help your specific business needs, reduce pain and ensure business stability. Email us on [email protected] or contact us online.