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Two team-led fundraising initiatives to help those affected by war in Ukraine. Read on to find out more and how you too can show your support. 

According to the UN refugee agency, over 5 million people had to flee their homes in Ukraine and leave their loved ones behind, not to mention 6.5 million who were displaced internally and tens of thousands of those who lost their lives since the beginning of the conflict.

Business communities across the globe have shown an incredible sense of unity and an immense desire to do what they can, each in their own way, to help those in need. We have seen countless businesses cease operations in Russia and stand with Ukraine, while others have stepped into Ukraine to volunteer and play their part in whatever way they can. Some of the greatest examples of small businesses playing their part include the Mail Force Ukraine initiative urging UK’s small businesses to join forces, whilst other initiatives include young entrepreneurs, deservingly praised in a Financial Times article for their passion, resilience, and strength. 

The sense of unity, humanity and most importantly the moral duty and obligation to help, act and make a difference is certainly overwhelming and really trickles down to a personal level. It is hard to find someone who has not been impacted by this conflict on a personal level in some way or another. Whilst many of us are in disbelief that atrocities of such scale can and are still happening in the 21st century, the reality is that the world is an unpredictable place today and every one of us could well be in the same situation as many Ukrainians find themselves right now. 

We are extremely proud to have a culture at Paydock built on values, inclusivity, and morality. And it is this very culture that has been the key driver behind our team effort to create an act of good, no matter how small or big, but one that would hopefully make a tangible difference. As a team we are deeply saddened by the ongoing devastation and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and while stopping these atrocities may be out of our hands, every one of us can still play a role in helping those affected in so many other ways, and united together we can build something that could truly make a difference.

How to get involved with ‘Stand with Ukraine’

With this in mind, and in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we have worked together as a team volunteering time, effort and ideas to source, plan and build something that we believe would help us, as a team, raise awareness of the ongoing issue, promote peace but most importantly raise funds that are critical to the survival of those affected by this conflict. Today we are proud to launch two team-driven fundraising initiatives such as:

Stand with Ukraine, which includes a range of T-shirts and tote bags designed in-house, by us, in a hope to promote peace and awareness of the sufferings of Ukrainian people. Your purchase means that you too can Stand with Ukraine and help to provide much-needed aid to those affected. 100% of all profits will go to a selection of charities chosen by our team members. 

The selected charities include: 

  • United 24 – An initiative launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive – A not-for-profit organisation that supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine through financing purely defence initiatives.
  • Sirius Shelter The largest animal shelter in Ukraine providing shelter and veterinary services to animals from various parts of Ukraine including liberated territories.

All products are made of 100% organic cotton using renewable energy and designed to be part of the circular economy, never contributing to landfill. 

Show your support and Stand with Ukraine too by purchasing merchandise designed by our design team today.

Train4Ukraine, an initiative revolving around wellness, where we as a team, consisting of marathon runners, mountain bikers and even an Ironman, collectively will be travelling 2500km – the distance equivalent from our main office in the heart of London to our office in Kharkiv, to raise awareness of the ongoing war in Ukraine and raise money to help those in need. 

The initiative will run until 24th August 2022 – Ukraine’s Independence Day, which undoubtedly is more significant to each Ukrainian this year than ever before. The date also marks the six months’ anniversary since the start of the war. By donating today you too can take the step with us towards a great cause and help us to help the Ukrainian people celebrate their independence and freedom. 

All proceeds from this challenge will go to the selected charities chosen by our team members (United24, Come Back Alive, Sirius Shelter

If you would like to follow our team’s updates and show your support you can donate directly on our Train4Ukraine Umbali page.

Virtual Zoom/Google Meet Backgrounds

In addition to our fundraising initiatives, our design team have also created a range of various Zoom/Google Meet virtual backgrounds with artwork in support of Ukraine. To  download these for your use, Save the images below and add them to your video conferencing software. 

From all of us at Paydock, thank you for your support and glory to Ukraine!