PayPal Makes for Easy Recurring Payments with PayDock

PayPal recurring payments are dead easy on PayDock. Online merchants can access rich recurring functionality, improve their brand experience and reduce internal time, cost and effort when taking and managing recurring payments through PayPal with PayDock. PayPal is a vital part of the payments ecosystem, with over 7bn transactions processed during 2017 (Statista). If you …

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Single Charges for Subscriptions

Assign single charges to subscriptions A rarely talked about but important feature of subscriptions is the ability to take a one-off charge and have it¬†applied to a subscription. The good news is we’ve now released this for all customers in the PayDock API (see docs). This feature is designed to combine with PayDock’s ability to …

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Raising the bar in charity donations

How PayDock and The Fundraising People are raising the bar in charity donations The Fundraising People are an ethical fundraising organisation and have been successfully helping charities secure regular giving donors through face to face campaigns in Australia and New¬†Zealand since November 2008.¬†In order to better¬†increase the return for-cause organisations receive from face to face …

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A Quick Guide to the Advantages of Recurring Payments

What are recurring payments? Recurring payments are automatic payments deducted from a credit card or bank account on an agreed schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). Recurring payments are useful for a wide range of payments – such as subscriptions for magazines, membership clubs and utilities bills. What are the advantages for merchants? Decreases late or …

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Customer Defined Retry Logic

One of the most costly aspects of running a SaaS, member-based or Not-for-Profit organisation is the cost of failed payment management. We’ve seen extreme cases where it’s been cheaper to write payments off as bad debts, rather than chase, such is the cost. We’d like to solve that problem for you. PayDock helps with our …

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Direct Debit Recurring – Save Money, Earn More

Easy and automated¬†access to¬†alternate payment types increases conversion ‚Äď yet traditionally has been something of a challenge for merchants. Wiring¬†in new (or multiple)¬†gateways, stitching back-end¬†integrations and¬†layering accounting and reconciliation processes often means¬†the cost-to-benefit ratio stops stacking up even before you’ve even begun. So, while¬†we know¬†the payment structures on payment types such as direct-debit are attractive …

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