Partnership Announcement: Industrie&Co and Paydock

Industrie&Co and Paydock partner to accelerate payments innovation in Australia.


Since 2007, Industrie&Co has helped clients build software-powered products, platforms, and deliver  enterprise grade solutions at startup speed. Founded by Con Zeritis, the organisation’s vision is to harness the power of technology to improve our lives at work and beyond.

Within offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore, the diverse and growing team of thinkers, builders and innovators work with established organisations and high-growth startups across APAC to help build the most innovative products and platforms that are shaping our future.

Following recognition as a Level 1 PCI-DSS Service Provider, Paydock launched in early 2017 with a goal to re-empower merchants in the chaotic and confusing world of payments. With the rapid growth in realtime, cashless and online transactions, businesses now must rely on multiple services to succeed (i.e. Afterpay, PayPal, Credit Card) or risk losing revenue. Paydock’s unique compliant technology allows merchants to rapidly connect to services (online, in-app, offline, marketplace) via one platform while introducing invaluable features such as recurring payment, real-time notifications and payment source storage – all this, while ensuring merchants do not lose control of their customers or data. Today Paydock supports over 24 payment services and works with global services for payments innovation entering the market in 2018.

Industrie&Co and Paydock have forged a key partnership that aims to tackle the complex challenges of creating a new kind of payment infrastructure. Industrie&Co’s experience helping solve some of Australia’s most complex technology problems and specifically helping build part of Australia’s New Payments Platform, coupled with Paydock’s expert knowledge in online payments and innovative platform and ecosystem makes for a powerful duo.

The proven history and success in innovation and leadership represented by Industrie&Co and Paydock will provide benefit to Australian merchants, consumers and service providers in the payments sector.

We look forward to accelerating payments innovation in Australia together.

To get more information or set up a meeting, please email [email protected].