Release Notes

Paydock Release Notes

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April 15th 2021

  • New feature: Now it is possible to choose fields that will be included in the CSV reports from the Charge page, both Charges and Txns view mode. You can also drag fields in templates to change their order on the Charges/Txns page and the CSV report. The option to do that appears on the left when hovering over the field name.
    More information can be found here.
  • Improvement: We have reviewed the schedule.authorised_pended_at feature and improved the status check for an archived gateway.
  • Improvement: We have made some minor adjustments on the Dashboard page related to company users that don’t have permissions for charts. Now they are redirected to the page that every role has access to by default – Charges.

April 8th 2021

  • New Feature: We have expanded the functionality that allows creating custom fields, storing them at Paydock and even passing them to gateways. Now it is possible to create and apply multiple custom templates for the Charges page with various sets of custom fields. Merchants can also set the view mode: for Charges or Transactions, with the list of fields they have chosen for a particular template.
    Click here to check more details.
  • New Feature: We have added an ability to set custom fields from the ‘Add new charge’ page. Also, merchants can choose the custom fields they passed previously from the dropdown when making a charge.
    Click here to find out more.
  • New Feature: We have enabled merchants to cancel a charge before its settlement date. It applies to charges in Completed, Pending, Failed and Requested statuses.
  • Improvement: We have updated the length of a redirect link generated with the ZipmoneyCheckoutButton widget. Please make sure that you use the latest NPM version with the implemented changes.
  • New Feature: We have added a settlement/remittance date for charges made with the BPoint gateway. Now it is displayed in the charge response as a remittance date.
  • Improvement: We have optimised a search query for Charges and Customers to reduce the time for loading the Paydock dashboard and improve your experience as a user.

April 1st 2021

March 26th 2021

  • New Feature: Now you can send new fields on the /charges/3ds endpoint. We have also added the ability to set new fields in the Paydock widget for your convenience.
  • New Feature: Now it is possible to create a customer with a payment source without any gateway.  The functionality applies to making a charge and creating a subscription from the customer. Currently, it is available via the API only.
    More information can be found here.
  • New Feature: The Single-Sign-On feature via SAML was implemented. It enables the secure exchange of user authentication data between web applications and identity service providers. With this feature, users can log into the Paydock dashboard after authenticating with the identity provider using only one set of credentials. It simplifies and speeds up the whole login process, say nothing of enhanced security.
  • Improvement: We have updated the error handling for charges made with 3DS and Fraud with no Fraud service connected.
  • Improvement: To improve performance, we have reviewed and improved an approach of calculating the charge refund.
  • Improvement: We have made some minor adjustments on the Dashboard page related to URL redirects. If the user of the Master Merchant account does not have permission to view some page, they will be redirected to the default page accessible to any user.

March 19th 2021

  • New Feature: The Paydock API now supports custom fields for charge transactions. You can pass custom fields in the transaction object when creating, capturing, canceling and refunding charges. Custom fields can be stored on the Paydock side and sent to EMS (by default) and Stripe (this option should be enabled upon gateway creation or update).
  • New Feature: Now it is possible to make charges in dinars (KWD, BHD, IQD, JOD, etc.) with 3 decimal numbers against the EMS gateway via Paydock. This feature is available for direct charges only.
    The guide on how to create a charge can be found here.
  • Improvement: The HTTP status code is now stored in logs for the Bambora gateway. It adds an extra value to those clients who rely not only on the error code and error description but also on the HTTP code.
  • Improvement: We have updated the live URL for sending requests to the Fiserv and EMS gateways.

March 11th 2021

  • Improvement: The aggregation for the charge chart statistics has been optimised to reduce the chart loading time.
    Click here to check more information about chart management.
  • New Feature: We have introduced error messages pop-ups with adaptive height which makes it more convenient to work with a long text.
  • Improvement: We try to improve your experience of using our Client SDK with its every new version. We have released a more stable widget version 1.10.9 which contains an advanced .useAutoResize method. To enjoy all the enhancements, please make sure that you use the latest version.

 February 25th 2021

  • New Feature: Two settings are available for the Fiserv gateway now: with and without multicurrency. If you have a non-multicurrency account at the gateway, when activating it at Paydock, you can mention the default currency in which you would like to receive money for the payments. We have added a possibility to check exchange rates at Fiserv for the non-multicurrency setup even before creating a new charge or subscription. This enables you to check in advance what will be the amount of the transaction in your default currency.
    More information about dynamic pricing can be found here.
  • New Feature: To improve your experience of using ApplePay and GooglePay, we have added the expiration time for the wallet token for you to keep it utilizable for 24 hours.
  • Improvement: The Visa logo was updated in the widget with a possibility to choose between blue and white logos depending on the background color of your widget.
  • Improvement: We have updated the status of the pre-auth charge with Stripe. If you do not capture it within 7 days, Stripe cancels the charge, though the status at Paydock remains ‘pending’. If you attempt to capture it after this time range, the status will change to ‘failed’ instead of ‘expired’ which better reveals the actual process behind this.
  • Improvement: The 500 error code, shown after you create a wallet payment without mentioning a payment source, has been replaced with the 400 one with additional error details.

February 22nd 2021

  • New Feature: We have created a great tool for viewing charges and subscriptions statistics right from the dashboard. Now you have a visual representation of all your payments chunked by time, status, amount, etc.
    Click here to check more information about chart management.
  • New Feature: We have introduced a schedule for calculating a total refunded amount. No manual calculations are needed now, you can find the necessary value in the new field ‘statistics.total_refunded_amout’ in the charge object.

February 12th 2021

February 2nd 2021

  • New Service Connection: Paydock now supports the EMS gateway. With every new integration, we aim to offer more opportunities for your payments freedom.
    Feel free to check here how you can connect to the gateway through the Paydock dashboard.
  • New Service Connection: We have added a possibility to pay with ApplePay and GooglePay via the Stripe gateway. Now you are free to accept payments via wallets with the help of our Client SDK.
    Implementation documents are available at NPM.
  • Improvement: We have made some minor adjustments to the Stripe gateway integration process. You will need your Stripe public key as well which, in its turn, enables you to enjoy our new features, such as ApplePay and GooglePay via Stripe, Stripe sub-accounts and many more.

January 21st 2021

January 14th 2021

  • New Feature: “Login as Sub Merchant”: Another great feature has been added to the Master Merchant platform. To have a closer look at Sub Merchants’ settings and charges, the Master Merchant can log into and out of their accounts with just one click.
  • New Feature: “Easy to identify Stripe Subaccounts via Labels”: The Stripe subaccounts functionality has been extended with a new ‘Label’ field that makes it easier to identify a particular subaccount among others. Currently, it is available via API only.
    Click here to check more details.
  • New Feature: “Style iFrame Background Colour”: We have made minor styling changes to our widget. Now it is possible to apply the background color to the whole iFrame.
  • New Feature: “Virtual Connection to PSPs”: Now you can connect to some payment gateways not only in a sandbox or production mode but also in a virtual one.

January 5th 2021

  • Improvement: We continue improving the Master Merchant facility and its branding functionality. In this release, we have added more elements which can be styled from the Master Merchant dashboard, e.g. the color of the loading bar, API keys, support email, etc.
    Click here to find out more.
  • Improvement: We have added the ability to pass a Paydock charge description as an order description at It will make payments reconciliation much easier for our customers.
  • New Feature: The Shared Vault Group functionality is available in the dashboard now. It enables Master Merchants to share vault tokens across multiple Sub Merchants with just a few clicks.

December 24th 2020

  • New Feature: We continue expanding the charge object. Now all payments made with Stripe and Fiserv contain the stub remittance date.
  • New Feature: We have added the ability to create Stripe accounts to route payments between multiple recipients who need to get paid. Currently, the functionality is available through the API only but we are in the process of adding it to the dashboard.
  • New Feature: The Master Merchant platform was extended with another feature – Shared Vault Group. Now your Sub Merchants can access and use shared resources, namely, vault tokens. It enables them to re-use customer’s billing details for future payments instead of collecting them again. It is available via the API for now.
    Click here to check more details.

December 18th 2020

  • New Feature: Now it is possible to configure specific retry settings for every subscription. Each and every subscription can have its own retry interval, frequency, count and fail status.
    The guide on how to create a subscription can be found here.
  • New Feature: When creating charges with the Stripe gateway, you can specify a descriptor suffix to pass additional details on the transaction.
  • Improvement: Paydock has improved the 3DS initiation flow with the MasterCard gateway that allows preventing charges stuck ‘in progress’.

December 9th 2020

  • New Feature: The additional search fields “Amount” and “Card number last 4 digits” are available on the “Charges” page in the dashboard.
  • Improvement: Now the charge object for all gateways includes the “gateway_name” and “gateway_type” fields. You can view them via the API only.
  • Improvement: Paydock stability has been increased thanks to the ongoing integrity monitoring checks.

December 3rd 2020

  • New Feature: The Master Merchant facility has been improved. Now it is possible to set styles and images specific to your brand. You can change buttons and links colors, modify slogans on sign-in and sign-up pages, add URL references to your website, etc.
    Click here to find out more.
  • New Feature: The API functionality of the charge object has been expanded. Now charges made with the Stripe gateway can contain the “meta.stripe_descriptor” option mapped to a descriptor suffix field at Stripe.
  • Improvement: We have blocked the possibility to attempt a refund of the ‘refund only’ transaction in the dashboard.
    Click here to check more information about the refund feature.
  • Bug Fix: Email notifications for the “subscription_creation_failure” event were not displayed on the History page in the dashboard.

November 25th 2020

  • Improvement: The ‘reference’ field was included in the 3DS pre-authorize request with the MasterCard gateway.
  • Improvement: Now it is possible to create pre-auth charges with the Fiserv gateway from the Paydock dashboard.
  • Bug Fix: The user faced ‘Access forbidden’ error messages in the dashboard when opening pages that contained endpoints where the user did not have access.
  • Bug Fix: The Bambora gateway errors did not map properly for direct debit charges after consequent API requests on charge status checks.

November 20th 2020

  • New Service Connection: Paydock now supports a new gateway – Fiserv PSP for Merchants. Wondering how you can start using it?
    Visit our helpdesk article for more details.
  • Feature release: The customizable branding for the Master Merchant facility is live. Now a master merchant can upload a logo/favicon/background from the dashboard (from the new “My Brand” page).
    Click here to find out more.
  • Improvement: Updated the format of the expiry date passed to Bambora. Previously, the charge for the customer created with a one-digit month failed with the ‘invalid expiry date’ error message.

November 13th 2020

  • Bug Fix: A user couldn’t set time when trying to reactivate a subscription.
    More information about reactivation can be found here.
  • Improvement: Not all gateway errors were processed correctly for Windcave. Error mapping was reviewed and updated.
  • Improvement: Not all gateway errors were processed correctly for Bambora. Error mapping was reviewed and updated.

November 6th 2020

  • Feature release: Now a user can whitelist IP addresses from the dashboard (there is a new “Security” tab in the “My Company” page).
    Click here to check more details.
  • Bug Fix: If the error message was too long, a part of it was invisible in the pop-up window.
  • Bug Fix: CSV exports did not contain all the filtered items from the dashboard because of the missing timezone.
  • Bug Fix: The “Return to sign in page” link was broken on the 2FA confirmation page.
  • Improvement: Security improvements added.

April 17th 2020

  • New Service Connection: MasterCard Gateway Service is now available at Paydock. We have integrated this new gateway to offer more opportunities to you and contribute to your seamless experience.
    You can check this Helpdesk article on how to set it up in your Paydock account.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the issue with Client SDK when using it as a module.
  • Bug Fix: Solved the issue with a Merchant Warrior bank account created as a card.

March 26th 2020

  • Feature release: Released the new policy to keep the user’s password secure as a part of the PCI DSS Compliance. Now you get a warning if your password is too weak and does not comply with security requirements.
  • Improvement: Added a filter parameter to search by cards or bank account only in the vault.
  • Bug Fix: ‘Amount’ and ‘Currency’ columns are combined and shown as one column in the dashboard tabs.
  • Bug Fix: Left-hand side navigation menu below your name is not collapsed when navigating sub-pages.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved the issue with capturing an authorized charge.

March 20th 2020

  • Improvement: Extended charge information from API now included in dashboard bulk-download capability.
  • Improvement: Small clean up of dashboard currency display to save space.
  • Improvement: Tightened up permissions and security around Owner vs Admin role behaviour.
  • Bug Fix: Small UI clean up on the password reset page.

March 5th 2020

  • Feature release: Dashboard tracker on Subscriptions to help identify if status changes were triggered by the Paydock engine or applied manually. Column is titled ‘Last Status Change’.
  • Improvement: Dashboard user can now move Subscriptions to the ‘Complete’ status manually on the Paydock dashboard.
  • Improvement: Updated UI for archived Customers.
  • Improvement: Minor UI improvements across Dashboard.

Feb 22nd 2020

  • Feature release: Now download complete sets of filtered records when on Vault, Customer, Subscription, Transfer and Charges pages. Click the “All Filtered Items” button to export the complete set of requested data.
    View Helpdesk Article
  • Improvement: Updated Vault search via Dashboard to include bank accounts.
  • Improvement: Customer objects can now have a Company attribute.
  • Improvement: Updated Vault search via Dashboard to include bank accounts.
  • Improvement: Updated integration with Fat Zebra gateway to enable omit_expiry parameter.

Feb 7th 2020

  • Feature release: New parameters available when running reporting queries on the PayDock API. Now filter Charges based on last updated date both ‘from’ and ‘to’.
    View API docs here.
  • Feature release: Richer queries available from Charges API. Dynamically include related Subscription current and historical/snapshot information within the Charges request by using the new “expand” parameter.
    View API docs here.

Feb 3rd 2020

  • Feature release: Enhanced transaction/charge report downloads. Now download complete, filtered and/or unlimited row transaction searches directly from the dashboard.
  • Fixed. Small bug in resetting start dates for Subscriptions in Dashboard
  • Upgraded logging microservice to enable us to provide richer support to our merchants

Jan 10th 2020

  • New Service Connection: Proud to announce the inclusion of Bpoint to the Paydock family further adding to the value we bring Merchants and Vendors.  Now accessible via Paydock Dashboard and API and works alongside all our core features including Smart Routing, Recurring Payments, Notifications, Vault and more. To find out more:
    Helpdesk Article
    Services List
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Dec 27th 2019

  • Feature Release: Extension to Customer object to include Description field (not just Reference)
    Accessible via both API and Dashboard
  • Inclusion of Vault Token ID when reviewing Customer Payment Sources (if applicable)

Dec 21st 2019

  • Feature Release: Bank accounts now included directly in Vault
    Previously, bank account details were attached to Customer Payment Sources, however you can now directly add, store and manage bank account details in the Paydock Vault via API and Dashboard interfaces.
  • System improvements and performance optimisations

Dec 5th 2019

  • Feature Release: Paydock X-Ray/Audit Tool. 
    Introducing end-to-end system activity traceability throughout the Paydock orchestration platform. This includes any third parties who have been granted access and internal admin users. Please view the Helpdesk article here
  • Minor bug fixes

Nov 28th 2019

  • Feature Release. Ability to filter Notification history by Subscription, Charge, Transaction objects
    This improves the ease of searching historical Notifications for re-issuing when required.
  • Minor bug fixes and tidy-ups

Nov 11th 2019

  • Improvements to the CSV download capabilities in the Paydock merchant dashboard.
  • Improvements to the error information available in the Charge object when triggering a POST request via the API
  • Improvements to the Paydock merchant license billing details update

Sept 27th 2019

  • Feature Release: Ability for Merchants to configure retry parameters at a subscription level
    This enables fine-grain controls of how Paydock Subscriptions handle failed-payment activity including the ability to configure interval, frequency, limit and failed status.
  • Feature Release: Place Subscriptions in ‘held’ status

Sept 11th 2019

  • Improvements to the credit card expiry date workflow.
  • Improvements to Subscriptions when the payment source is changed including the ‘default’ setting.

June 11th 2019

  • Feature Release: Smart Routing Engine
    This enables merchants to build cascading rules to direct payments to specific services depending on rulesets.
  • Improvements to 2FA experience
  • Tweaks to the dashboard to improve user experience (and reduce brain-power required)
  • Improvements to phone number handling in the Paydock SDK