PayDock Release Notes

PayDock Release Notes

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Jan 10th 2020

  • New Service Connection: Proud to announce the inclusion of Bpoint to the PayDock family further adding to the value we bring Merchants and Vendors.  Now accessible via PayDock Dashboard and API and works alongside all our core features including Smart Routing, Recurring Payments, Notifications, Vault and more. To find out more:
    Helpdesk Article
    Services List
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Dec 27th 2019

  • Feature Release: Extension to Customer object to include Description field (not just Reference)
    Accessible via both API and Dashboard
  • Inclusion of Vault Token ID when reviewing Customer Payment Sources (if applicable)

Dec 21st 2019

  • Feature Release: Bank accounts now included directly in Vault
    Previously, bank account details were attached to Customer Payment Sources, however you can now directly add, store and manage bank account details in the PayDock Vault via API and Dashboard interfaces.
  • System improvements and performance optimisationsĀ 

Dec 5th 2019

  • Feature Release: PayDock X-Ray/Audit Tool. Ā 
    Introducing end-to-end system activity traceability throughout the PayDock orchestration platform. This includes any third parties who have been granted access and internal admin users.Ā View Helpdesk Article
  • Minor bug fixes

Nov 28th 2019

  • Feature Release. Ability to filter Notification history by Subscription, Charge, Transaction objects
    This improves the ease of searching historical Notifications for re-issuing when required.
  • Minor bug fixes and tidy-ups

Nov 11th 2019

  • Improvements to the CSV download capabilities in the PayDock merchant dashboard.
  • Improvements to the error information available in the Charge object when triggering a POST request via the API
  • Improvements to the PayDock merchant license billing details update

Sept 27th 2019

  • Feature Release: Ability for Merchants to configure retry parameters at subscription level
    This enables fine-grain controls of how PayDock Subscriptions handle failed-payment activity including the ability to configure interval
    , frequency, limit and failed status. 
  • Feature Release: Place Subscriptions in ‘held’ status

Sept 11th 2019

  • Improvements to the credit card expiry date workflow.
  • Improvements to Subscriptions when the payment source is changed including the ‘default’ setting.

June 11th 2019

  • Feature Release: Smart Routing Engine
    This enables merchants to build cascading rules to direct payments to specific services depending on rulesets.
  • Improvements to 2FA experience
  • Tweaks to dashboard to improve user experience (and reduce brain-power required)
  • Improvements to phone number handling in the PayDock SDK