The Agile Payments Orchestration Platform

Paydock is the payments orchestration platform that allows you to deploy, manage and scale your payments strategy without risk.
Payment Orchestration Platform
Become a payments superhero

The Future To Your Payments

  • Connectivity to payment and commerce services
  • Retake control of both customers and payments
  • Increase accessibility and access to new markets
  • Maximise profits across your entire payment operations
  • Eliminate costly compliance gaps once and for all
  • Introduce critical capabilities such as fraud detection and secure checkout
  • Increase internal data privacy and security through user and audit tools


Multi Vendor Payment Gateway

How it Works

Paydock has rapidly become the “go to” platform for merchants and businesses looking for efficient and robust payments infrastructure that would allow them to accommodate a wide range of payment methods to provide customers with flexibility, while saving costs, increasing revenues and growth.

Our transparent solution is intelligent and easy to use. Our innovative low-code API-first technology harmonises payment, fraud, identity and other vendors through a single, unified payments orchestration platform to satisfy compliance, security, technical and other functional needs.

With no limits on the number of payment service providers you can connect to, Paydock offers you ultimate flexibility and control.. Speak to one of our payments experts today to find out how you can x10 your payment strategy today.
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Futureproof Your Payments Ecosystem

Prepare for what’s coming up.
In a fast moving fintech world, your ability to adapt will define your bottom line. With Paydock you can manage your payment services within seconds, export and reconcile your transactions data and offer your customers whatever payment methods they prefer - now, and in the future.

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Accelerated Payments Functionally

Create runtime fail-over capability and boost data visibility. Activate global recurring payments, gain real time alerts, benefit from fine-grained user management and capture lost revenue via failed-payment logic.

Paydock is the definitive solution for both merchants and service providers globally.

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Enhanced Payments Functionality

Engage customers, increase revenue.
Set up the payment gateways you want, use Paydock to offer more payment methods, create payments fail-over capability and boost your data visibility. Connected with a sophisticated recurring payments service, realtime alerts and management and failed-payment logic, Paydock gives you more, while reducing your costs.

Why Merchants Choose Us

One payment integration forever

No loss of grip on the customer no matter your payment processing partner. Benefit from the exciting and dynamic world of fintech without development effort or cost.

Increased revenue and lower costs

Technical, compliance and administrative costs are flattened once and forever through our unique.

Transparent insights and control

Gain fresh clarity on customer and payment activity with all customer payments data collected in Paydock. Configure fine-grained permissions for end-users to manage data visibility and capabilities.

Speed to market

By using the Paydock orchestration platform you can access new payment methods and markets at a lower cost without having to wait for your current vendor to adopt.

Value-added touchpoints

The Paydock payment orchestration stack supports live notifications, recurring payments, customer profile management, built-in card storage vault, specialised features for online travel agencies, fraud protection and migration tools.

No Maintenance

Paydock removes the headache for Merchants with the upkeep and maintenance of the gateways and takes full control of all the technical configuration, leaving merchants to focus free on the core business.

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