Clever payments orchestration within your grasp

Bank-grade technology for as little as $14.95 per month

Fix the dangerous and restrictive mess of your current payment stack by connecting them with PayDock’s unique orchestration platform. Recover ownership, flexibility and control while lifting customer experience. Close compliance gaps, keep your developers happy and ensure you maximise your profit across your payments stack. Prices are USD and exclusive of applicable taxes. For more information see pricing.

An agile power board for your payments

Future-proof your business with a simple-yet-sophisticated, compliant and portable payment infrastructure that enhances connections to your payment service providers. Add services as you grow. Increase your compliance and security around sensitive customer and payment data. Track entire transaction lifecycles, irrespective of channel. Simplify reconciliation and auditing.

Customer first

Customer centricity matters. By placing your customers (rather than services), at the centre of your payments strategy you lift profit, reduce risk and avoid  ‘yet another’ payments rebuild to adjust for changing requirements or third-party risks.


We care about making sure you never lose that vital connection to your customers.
From pay-in to pay-out, PayDock is a safe, and sophisticated repository for storage and use of important payment data.

Sophisticated Ecosystems

Who PayDock Helps

Scale up Merchant

Membership Platforms

Our API docs are simple and easy-to-use, and importantly we are developers – who love developers. 

PayDock provides a range of SDKs to assist developers in integrating their PayDock ecosystem into their native iOS, Andriod and other apps.

It’s those little things that make life easy. We are different from your average payments company in that we won’t run away from you and are here to help you and your team.

A support person is available Monday – Friday, 9AM – 12AM on our live chat to help you solve problems. 


Enhanced Payments Functionality

Engage customers, increase revenue.
Set up the payment gateways you want, use PayDock to offer more payment methods, create payments fail-over capability and boost your data visibility. Connected with a sophisticated recurring payments service, realtime alerts and management and failed-payment logic, PayDock gives you more, while reducing your costs.


Futureproof Your Payments Ecosystem

Prepare for what's coming up.
In a fast moving fintech world, being able to adapt rapidly will define your bottom line. With PayDock you can manage your payment services within seconds, export and reconcile your transactions data and offer your customers whatever payment methods they prefer - now, and in the future.

Customers Love Us For

Data Visibility

Create your own version of the truth with all customer payments data collected in PayDock.

Flexible Recurring Billing

Freedom to easily create, modify and terminate repeating customer charges.

Unlimited Customer Notifications

Notify your customers through email, SMS or webhook every time a transaction event occurs.

Failover Gateways

Have a back up payments facility in case your primary gateway goes dark.