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Deploy, manage and grow your payment infrastructure without risk or loss of control.
Payment Orchestration Platform
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A solution for the chaos.

Remove the dangerous and restrictive mess of your payment service providers by connecting them into Paydock. Retrieve ownership, flexibility and control, lift profit, improve customer experience, resolve compliance gaps, keep your developers happy and ensure you maximise your profit across your payments stack.

Multi Vendor Payment Gateway
Futureproof Your Payments Ecosystem

Prepare for what’s coming up.
In a fast moving fintech world, your ability to adapt will define your bottom line. With Paydock you can manage your payment services within seconds, export and reconcile your transactions data and offer your customers whatever payment methods they prefer - now, and in the future.

Enhanced Payments Functionality

Engage customers, increase revenue.
Set up the payment gateways you want, use Paydock to offer more payment methods, create payments fail-over capability and boost your data visibility. Connected with a sophisticated recurring payments service, realtime alerts and management and failed-payment logic, Paydock gives you more, while reducing your costs.


Love Us for.

Data Visibility

Create your own version of the truth with all customer payments data collected in Paydock.

Unlimited Customer Notifications

Notify your customers through email, SMS or webhook every time a transaction event occurs.

Flexible Recurring Billing

Freedom to easily create, modify and terminate repeating customer charges.

Failover Gateways

Have a back up payments facility in case your primary gateway goes dark.

Digital Payment Ecosystem

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