• Payments freedom has arrived

    No more juggling gateways or wrestling frustrating fuctional gaps...
    intelligently and securely create, integrate, deploy and grow


Release lost profit and scalability through a gateway agnostic payment service that supports both your customers’ needs as well as your own.

Deliver gateway integrations rapidly and creatively build in new customer value – all without lifting a finger.

Engineered for Developers

Apps, Startups and SaaS

Build, scale, profit. Use PayDock to drive your cloud payment solution.

Reduce cost and de-risk with an easy recurring payment and workflow engine. Decide on the right payment service for you as your launch or scale – without fearing a payment service ceiling.

Powering Startups and SaaS


Drive bottom line growth. Rip out unnecessary costs with a specifically designed set of services to help your NFP deliver product and engagement excellence to increase revenue.

Maintain control of your payment and donor data regardless of giving type, currency or geography.

Driving Not-for-Profit GIVING

Lyndon Buckley
They got it. They got what the frustration with the payment industry was. No more than 5 minutes to get 4 different gateways setup... I would highly recommend it to anyone who was doing any kind of card stuff. “Freedom”. That’s a big keyword for me.

- Lyndon Buckley

    Senior Architect / The Learning Cloud
Brad Dewar

After meeting you and running though what PayDock can do, I have to say, I was both impressed and relieved knowing that there is a simple payments solution that we can integrate into Foridge as we start to move forward.

This is now on top of my post-launch improvements list.

- Brad Dewar

    Founder and CEO / Foridge
Joshua Crowther

Working with Not-For Profits for the last 8 years, I know how challenging best-practice fundraising can be.

Payment problems can undermine even the best campaigns and diminish returns. The way PayDock enables organisations to expand their payment capabilities, reduce cost and scale into new markets is a game-changer.

We’re very exited about PayDock, what it means for the strategic team at Dunham+Company and for the many organisations we hope will benefit from the platform globally.

- Joshua Crowther

    Director of Strategic Services / Dunham+Company
John Bishop
“PayDock was the missing piece for us – giving us control over data and user experience, while removing the burden of dealing with 3rd party payment APIs.”

- John Bishop

    CTO / PetRescue

Features Include

Agile Recurring Billing

A built-in recurring billing platform that adds value to your existing gateway provider while not locking you in. Set and modify start-and-end dates, amount, frequency and interval. Credit card & direct debit are supported.

One-off Transaction Processing

Route one-off transactions to any connected gateway with very low transaction rates. Manage recurring and one-off billing through a single-service and reduce cost and effort. Credit card and direct debit are supported.

Gateway Independence

PayDock is gateway agnostic. Select and use new gateways or provide a fully redundant payment processing solution. See the gateways for details on which gateways we already support.

Real-time Notifications

Improve customer and donor experience with real-time SMS, Email and Webhook event notifications.
Dramatically reduce cost by allowing seamless reconciliation and platform integration – regardless of gateway.

API like you like it

A comprehensive, semantic and RESTful API that's easy to work with. Reduce your development costs without having to deal with increasing complexity while accepting payments.

Automatic Rebilling

Recover lost revenue with automated re-billing (or dunning) processes to which automatically separate 'hard fails' from 'soft fails'. Only respond to failures you have to.

Secure Storage

All financial information is encrypted and stored by our gateway partners to Level 1 PCI compliant standards. Additionally, all transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted HTTPS connection through a PCI compliant environment.

Customer Identity Module

Build seamless customer-engagement and self-service portals through the integrated customer object. This includes multi-payment-sources, subscriptions and access via the API.

Data Freedom

View, integrate and move your data with complete freedom in real-time. No paying for expensive manual operations or bloated layers of IT infrastructure. PayDock frees your payment data like never before with a transparent and comprehensive API and real-time notification engine.


About us

PayDock is the child of 11 years of sweating it out in the payments space hoping for a better solution. Over the last 3 we’ve been busy forging a new type of payment service. A payment hub that lets you take payments the way you want – without feeling trapped.

Our roots in the not-for-profit space mean we’ve seen every type of online transaction possible and we know what it means to struggle with payments management and workflows. PayDock will reduce costs, enable greater choice, and bring you a world of payments opportunity.