Announcing: PayDock + Bleckwen AI – An AI/ML fraud engine you can bank on

We’re ecstatic to announce our partnership with Bleckwen AI as part of the continuation of our vision to ensure merchants are maximising acceptance while minimising fraud. If as a merchant, you are not currently optimising your fraud strategy you are likely leaving significant profit on the table. It’s time to put that  money back in …

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Why high-street needs fintech now more than ever

In the world’s fastest moving industry it’s easy to get left behind. As challenger brands, consumer platforms and other fintechs continue their appropriation of customers, [1] established service providers are seeking new ways to retain market share.  The risks present to incumbent providers are outlined in Accenture’s 2019 Global Payments Survey, which reveals that the …

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Simon Lenton joins PayDock as COO

Simon Lenton joins PayDock as COO & General Counsel PayDock customers will be excited to hear of Simon Lenton‘s appointment to position of Chief Operating Officer at PayDock. “PayDock is a truly unique company. It’s product and service offerings are compelling and its ability to execute is unstoppable. However, what really sets PayDock apart – the reason …

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WHMCS Plugin for PayDock

WHMCS integration on PayDock for more payment gateway options

PayDock has partnered with Digital Junction to produce a seamless plugin for the popular WHMCS platform broadening the accessible gateway support from approximately 30 to over 50. WHMCS is trusted by over 35,000 customers in over 200 countries and with PayDock web hosts will be able to better work with current and new payment service providers. Digital agencies, internet …

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“Fintech hits major milestone” – PayDock goes mobile with Bluechain

PayDock and Bluechain for mobile payment networks

PayDock will expand its range of secure, mobile-friendly payment options to merchants to include the new Bluechain service. Bluechain’s mission is to simplify the checkout process for consumers and drive new revenue for merchants. By allowing Bluechain registered customers to quickly and safely pay on their mobile with just a few taps while protecting personal and sensitive …

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PayPal Makes for Easy Recurring Payments with PayDock

PayPal recurring payments are dead easy on PayDock. Online merchants can access rich recurring functionality, improve their brand experience and reduce internal time, cost and effort when taking and managing recurring payments through PayPal with PayDock. PayPal is a vital part of the payments ecosystem, with over 7bn transactions processed during 2017 (Statista). If you …

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PayDock Announces ‘PayDock Transfers’ with Split Payments

Split Payments and PayDock

Closing the payments loop Our mission to accelerate payments innovation and  improve our customers’ bottom line has taken a significant leap forward this week with the release of our Split Payments integration. As our first live payouts/transfers feature, merchants are able to further reduce cost and grow their businesses with efficient and cost effective payments …

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Interview with Andrew Stein (Payreq) and Rob Lincolne (PayDock)

Interview with Andrew and Rob about payments, Fintechs in Australia and what disruption really is. The interview was held in the PayDock Sydney offices on 26th September 2018 with Andrew Stein, Founder and CEO of Payreq, and Rob Lincolne, Founder and CEO of PayDock. Those two experts went very deep into various topics around payments, tech and business. If you …

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Single Charges for Subscriptions

Assign single charges to subscriptions A rarely talked about but important feature of subscriptions is the ability to take a one-off charge and have it applied to a subscription. The good news is we’ve now released this for all customers in the PayDock API (see docs). This feature is designed to combine with PayDock’s ability to …

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Raising the bar in charity donations

How PayDock and The Fundraising People are raising the bar in charity donations The Fundraising People are an ethical fundraising organisation and have been successfully helping charities secure regular giving donors through face to face campaigns in Australia and New Zealand since November 2008. In order to better increase the return for-cause organisations receive from face to face …

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Ezidebit and PayDock partnership

Ezidebit and PayDock Partnership We are excited to announce our official partnership with Ezidebit. We believe that together we can improve merchant and consumer payment experiences to deliver more value and better experiences to the Australian payments market. Connecting Ezidebit via the PayDock API has never been easier: Simply set up a merchant agreement with …

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Beautiful Payment Pages with PayDock

Payments and donations pages

At PayDock we believe in payments beauty. Too often, merchants expend significant time and money into development, customisation, marketing, systems integration, sales and product only to have the customer struggle at checkout. At PayDock we are dedicated to ensuring your customers have an optimised payment experience no matter what payment service you use today – …

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Partnership Announcement: Industrie&Co and PayDock

  Partnership joy: Industrie&Co and PayDock  Industrie&Co and PayDock partner to accelerate payments innovation in Australia. Since 2007, Industrie&Co has helped clients build software-powered products, platforms, and deliver  enterprise grade solutions at startup speed. Founded by Con Zeritis, the organisation’s vision is to harness the power of technology to improve our lives at work and …

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Startup&Angels Event 10th May

Startup/Angels have invited PayDock Founder Rob Lincolne to get on stage at their upcoming community event on 10th May in Sydney. Rob will share about the PayDock story, the impact we’ve been having and also how we’ve grown since winning the B2B Rocks competition last year which was hosted by these guys. As the Founder …

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WooCommerce Plugin Release

Good news for our eCommerce friends; Managing eCommerce payments has just become easier with the release of our first WooCommerce plugin. Get access to one of the world’s largest online shopping frameworks with the flexibility and ease that PayDock provides ensuring your customer’s checkout experience to be seamless and beautiful –  no matter what payment …

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Multi user access and role management

Managing a team’s permissions and access to sensitive customer and payment data in an increasingly complex payments world has traditionally been complex and difficult. With new payment methods entering the market and different providers providing different logins with different permissions, managing an organisational-wide policy has been difficult… until now. As one of our most asked for …

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php SDK

Following on from our .Net & Java SDKs, we’ve now released our php SDK. This provides a friendly way to access Paydock, making it even easier to use Paydock. You can pull this down through composer on Packagist and the code is open source on github. Providing the right interface One of the questions when putting together a …

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Java SDK

PayDock has now released Java SDK, which can be downloaded from JCentre. There are different dependency snippets to be inserted in your code based on your selected build settings (we support Gradle, Maven or Ivy). The library is opened sourced and can be found here. Specific tests for you to reference in your program are here. Planning Writing …

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.Net SDK

We’re excited to announce we’ve released our .Net core SDK for Paydock. This is SDK makes is easier to use Paydock from any of the .Net based languages and deals with a lot of the plumbing necessary to make the HTTP calls. You can pull this down through nuget (.Net 4.0, .Net Core) and the code …

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How do Australians pay?

A recent survey by the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) detailing records about every transactions individuals made for a week, as well as value, payment method, channel (online or in person) and type of merchant provided key information about Australian payments preferences and attitudes. Cards Australia is among the top-ten non cash markets in the …

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2017 World Payments Report Summary

The World Payments Report reported that global non cash transaction volumes grew 11.2% during 2014-15 to reach 433.1 billion, the highest growth of the past decade, and slightly above last year’s prediction. Developing nations increased global non-cash transaction share, with two regions in particular fuelling this growth. Asian countries experienced impressive growth in non-cash transactions …

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How To Be A Gateway Ninja

What are the current problems surrounding gateway integration? Talking to some of our payments advisors, we found that common problems faced by developers surrounding the integration of gateways include:   Upfront cost Different technologies used by each gateway Each gateway has its own API (eg REST, SOAP) as well as a different required data and …

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