Buy now, pay later (BNPL) with Paydock

Buy now, pay later (or BNPL). What’s possible for merchants and how Paydock closes the gap.


I don’t have to pay for this right now?

The retail industry has experienced an enormous boost since payments service providers such as Afterpay, ZipPay, OpenPay, Affirm and Sezzle are allowing consumers  instalment payments over multiple weeks or even months following a purchase. Happy days for those shoe lovers! But what does this mean for the merchant?

BNPL (buy now pay later) services have opened up new markets for online and in-store retailers. Those markets consist of purchasers who may not typically spend as much as frequent shoppers or those who don’t always have a steady income.

As an example of the impact this has had, the retail chains Cue, SurfStitch, and Princess Polly have reported order value increases of 20%, 52%, and 60% respectively. The model “offers convenient instalment plans at checkout with zero risk” (Afterpay) which has been a reason why uptake has been so rapid over the last few years.

What’s possible on Paydock?

Paydock offers customers easy integrations with Afterpay and zipMoney, two Australian companies, as well as a sophisticated native Paydock repeat payment service. We frequently bolt on additional payment services, and would love to hear who your customers would like to see at your store’s checkout page.

Services like Afterpay and zipPay require the business to set up a merchant account and to cover the general per transaction fees. The customer at the other end, applies for an account with the service provider and can pay at any online or in-store retailer that supports this particular service. zipPay allows customers to pay a purchase of up to $1,000 in instalments of their choice (min. $40 per month), whereas Afterpay processes the total purchase amount in 4 fortnightly equal payments.

You can review further benefits and functionality on our website and enquire with our tech team via the Live Chat. Find out more about:

Paydock merchants wishing to experiment with BNPL functionality can also create payment plans with instalment and total amounts via the subscription function in the background. This is a great tool for irregular instalment payments requests by the end user where an Afterpay or zipPay solution may not be the right fit.

Setting up a payment plan in Paydock is simple. This step by step guide shows how to  set up a payment plan in Paydock.


1) Go to payments and add a new subscription and customer. Alternatively, go to your customer and add a subscription to their existing details.


Option 1:

Option 2:


2) Fill in the subscription details and save the subscription.


In this example, the customer will pay a total amount of $450 in 4 weekly instalments of $100 via Bambora. The payment will start on 25th June and the last payment will be $150, to reach the total end amount of $450.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and please reach out via our live chat or email on [email protected] for any further questions.