Businesses Feeling Insecure About SecurePay.

It’s something you probably wouldn’t think of when you’re building an online storeWhat happens when my payment processor breaks? After all, it doesn’t seem like a problem that happens often, and considering it means thinking about thousands of dollars more in building backup systems that you may never use. Or does it?

Customers of SecurePay have been frustrated, and anxious over the last few weeks with constant downtime, and outages that have rendered their sites largely inoperable. Burst SMS tweeted that they are looking for other providers as a result, and have had to field comments from frustrated customers.

Something that isn’t their fault has become a big problem for them. They’re not alone either, other companies who use Securepay have felt the real business impacts of not being able to serve their customers.

Avoid Downtime Insecurity with Paydock

Building a backup plan into your website’s payment system doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. Use Paydock to connect your payment gateway and your website, and you automatically get a way to switch between credit card processors. It’s simple, and it gives you choice when you need it.

The choice that Paydock brings, means you don’t need to fear downtime. You won’t have hundereds of customers tweeting or emailing you that you can’t take their money, and you don’t have to explain to your customers that you made the wrong choice.

So before your credit card processor breaks, make the right decision and use Paydock.

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