How to Get The Most Out Of Two Payment Gateways

It’s a refrain heard so many times – and it’s why PayPal has become so popular, even in Australia.

‘Let’s just use PayPal, it’s so much easier.’

Using PayPal has become one of the first things to think of when you’re thinking about taking payments online. Many businesses start down this track, and continue for as long as the PayPal solution will take them, which for some is a fair way. But for many, PayPal will become just one of many options they have for taking payments.

Taking payments through multiple payment gateways can be a bit of a problem though – for one, there are development costs. Getting another payment gateway up and running with an existing website can cost thousands of dollars, weeks of work, and interruption to your customers’ experience. Making sure the site switches between payment types, or just getting the code together can just be too big a hassle to bother trying.

This is where the beauty of Paydock lays. Just connect to Paydock once, and you can instantly connect to multiple payment processors. You might start with PayPal, and add an additional gateway later down the line. It’s as easy as entering in your new account details into Paydock, and you’re ready to go.

In Paydock you can choose which payment processor your payment will go through. You have the flexibility and choice you need to continue your business without interruption. Maybe you want to take subscriptions through Paypal, or maybe you have two payment accounts because your company requires different payments to go to different places. Either way, you’ll be able to choose.

As we continue to add more and more gateways to Paydock, you will see a greater choice. The more choice you have the better for you – this will mean continued savings, and a better experience for your customers.

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