Official Statement Letter

Official Statement Letter


Paydock has observed with increasing sadness and anger the unjustified aggression exercised by Russia towards the sovereign state of Ukraine. Paydock condemns, in the strongest terms possible, the directives of the Kremlin and the actions of the Russian military, and supports the leaders and people of the sovereign state of Ukraine. 

These horrific events have hit close to home. Since its inception, Paydock has employed software engineers in Ukraine with world class technical skills, work ethic, resilience and professionalism. Some of these developers have been with us since our very first days. We honour their commitment to Paydock and are deeply grateful for the important role they have played in bringing success to Paydock, its stakeholders and its customer base globally. 

We grieve the senseless loss of life, displacement of individuals and families, and the destruction of property perpetrated by the Russian forces. A large proportion of the Paydock family are stationed in Kharkiv, Kyiv and elsewhere in Ukraine. We are maintaining 24/7 contact with the team and providing them with financial, logistical and emotional support and will continue to do so for as long as required.

We are eager to support not only our Ukrainian staff but also the broader Ukrainian community with both current levels of assistance and support charitable organisations providing humanitarian aid on the ground in Ukraine.

We thank our clients around the globe for the generous support they have provided us as we in turn support our Ukrainian team. We are most grateful for your understanding and your thoughts and prayers. Our mutual concern for these tragic events has undoubtedly brought us closer and we believe that we will emerge from this crisis with an even stronger working relationship.

Paydock hopes that peace will once more return to Ukraine. In the meantime, our thoughts, prayers, financial and logistical support will remain with the people of Ukraine.

We entreat you to join us as we stand with our brothers and sisters, the peaceful people of the sovereign state of Ukraine.

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