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Unlimited Connections

Plug in any of our growing number of connected payment services and supercharge your payment experience using our specialised, PCI-DSS compliant SDK widget and APIs. Deploy highly customised variants depending your payment product needs and provide a focused, dynamic experience to your customers no matter the payment type. Consume new gateways and payment services as your business needs grow without redevelopment, or even route payments directly to your Vendor’s services if you are a marketplace.

Recurring Payments

Manage one-off and recurring payments via a single service with PayDock’s sophisticated recurring payments engine. Create automated, recurring payments with infinite flexibility (day, week, month and year with any frequency). Customise and update  amounts in realtime, apply one-off charges, create payment plans, receive alerts, optimise dunning processes (at global or per-subscription level) and manage primary and secondary payment sources for your customers.

Instant Notifications

Never miss a beat with realtime notifications for over 15 different events. Notifications can both be sent internally and externally to customer’s nominated contact including email and SMS. Customisable HTML templates with replacement variables for rich communications will lift your brand and ensure you are not frustrated by the limiting templates of others. Webhooks make integrating into third party services such as accounting and CRM a breeze.

Realtime Routing

Worried about what happens during those times your bank goes offline? Want to automate where payments go and when? Wish to send different currencies, cards or types to different endpoints? PayDock’s smart routing engine handles each rule behind the scenes so you don’t have to do anything. Route automagically and reduce tech costs, increase traceability and scale easily.

Secure Storage Vault

Stay in control of your customers by storing your credit cards in our PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant vault. Dynamically tokenise,  update expiry dates and refresh tokens as-needed. Never face single-provider limitations again. Stay agile, secure and in control of your customers at a fraction of the cost of any other solution on the market.

PayDock Transfers

Use the PayDock Transfers to plug in remittance providers generating a complete marketplace system – while saving significant costs on alternatives. By using best-of-breed capabilities PayDock enables you to dynamically create many-in, many-out payment systems. 

Multi-Role, Multi User Permissions (and API

Support internal data policies by creating and allocating specific permissions to as many users as you need in PayDock. No more single-password shared amongst the team – exposing sensitive customer data and capabilities. Create and roll back permissions in realtime and ensure that the right people have access to the right information (and capabilities) at the right time.

Reporting Services

Use PayDock’s reporting tools and API to ensure you have complete transactional and event history across your payments ecosystem. Use the PayDock dashboard to filter and export your payment and subscription information – no matter what payment service you’re using either now or in the future your data will be maintained and consistent across your customers.

Enterprise Auditing Tool

Critical to any enterprise is security and compliance.  The ability to effectively audit the behaviour of each actor within a payment ecosystem forms a backbone of this, yet for many organisations this is difficult and costly to accomplish. PayDock provides an ‘out-of-the-box’ audit capability enabling all organisations to monitor and review each action taken within their payments stack, whether internal users or external stakeholders. Rectify issues when they arise and ensure all parties are accountable, traceable and trackable.

Get That Visibility Back

View, integrate, reconcile and tokenise your sensitive customer data with complete freedom in real-time. No more paying for expensive manual operations or bloated layers of IT infrastructure as PayDock frees your payment data like never before with a transparent API and secure PCI compliant credit card vault.

Our clients see less time spent on reconciliation activitiesbetter decision-making ability and recovered lost revenue.

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Speed up your weekly or monthly bank reconciliation with a unified source of payments truth for you to reconcile your stores or payment portals against.

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Stream your payments data to eCommerce, accounting (Xero) and CRM software through our REST API.



Store your customer credit card information in our secure PCI compliant vault and enjoy the freedom to charge, refund and modify customer financial information however you want.

Failover Gateways - Never Miss a Payment

Synchronise your payments ecosystem by rerouting your online payments if your primary gateway goes down. Take payments when your customers want to pay with failover functionality that automatically pushes transactions to other payment gateways and maximises your business uptime.

Our clients enjoy peace of mindrecover lost revenue and a more reliable service for their customers.

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Integrate new payment gateways within seconds

“Plug and Play” additional payment service providers like PayPal, Stripe and Braintree in seconds.


“If this, then that” failover functionality

Automatically hold and reroute transactions if your primary payment gateway becomes temporarily unavailable.

Developer-Friendly REST API

Website and third party integration made easy with PayDock’s simple and developer friendly API (check out our documentation). Enjoy the freedom to feed your payments data wherever you want and completely customise your customers’ user experience.

Our clients experience dramatically lower payment gateway integration costs to build your payments ecosystem the way you like.

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Customisable user experience

Drive greater conversions with no redirection and an optimised customer payments experience.

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Seamless 3rd party app integration

Easily integrate payments data into your business critical systems.

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