Supercharged Payments Flexibility

Connect your payment services to PayDock in seconds to unlock additional functionality and more efficiently manage your customers and transactions.

PayDock owns its own notification, recurring billing (subscription) and intelligent routing engine along with multiple gateway support that enhances the functions of your payment gateway.

Our clients see results in more automation of customer engagements, increased revenue and reduced time spent with managing customer billing.


Email, SMS and Webhook Notifications

Automate customer engagements and reduce cost with live event management in PayDock's rich notification environment.

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More Payment Methods

Connect multiple payment service providers in seconds. Offer more payment methods instantly including PayPal, direct debit, and BNPL.



Automatically rebill your clients at any frequency you like with the payment services your customers most prefer.

Data Visibility

View, integrate, reconcile and tokenise your sensitive customer data with complete freedom in real-time. No more paying for expensive manual operations or bloated layers of IT infrastructure as PayDock frees your payment data like never before with a transparent API and secure PCI compliant credit card vault.

Our clients see less time spent on reconciliation activities, better decision-making ability and recovered lost revenue.

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Speed up your weekly or monthly bank reconciliation with a unified source of payments truth for you to reconcile your stores or payment portals against.

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Stream your payments data to eCommerce, accounting (Xero) and CRM software through our REST API.



Store your customer credit card information in our secure PCI compliant vault and enjoy the freedom to charge, refund and modify customer financial information however you want.

Failover Gateways

Synchronise your payments ecosystem by rerouting your online payments if your primary gateway goes down. Take payments when your customers want to pay with failover functionality that automatically pushes transactions to other payment gateways and maximises your business uptime.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind, recover lost revenue and a more reliable service for their customers.

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Integrate new payment gateways within seconds

‚ÄúPlug and Play‚ÄĚ additional payment service providers like PayPal, Stripe and Braintree in seconds.


‚ÄúIf this, then that‚ÄĚ failover functionality

Automatically hold and reroute transactions if your primary payment gateway becomes temporarily unavailable.

Developer-Friendly REST API

Website and third party integration made easy with PayDock’s simple and developer friendly API (check out our documentation). Enjoy the freedom to feed your payments data wherever you want and completely customise your customers’ user experience.

Our clients experience dramatically lower payment gateway integration costs to build your payments ecosystem the way you like.

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Customisable user experience

Drive greater conversions with no redirection and an optimised customer payments experience.

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Seamless 3rd party app integration

Easily integrate payments data into your business critical systems.

All plans come with unlimited access to all features.
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