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Unlimited Connections

Plug in and play to a world of payments through a single API. You can connect to unlimited payments services including payment gateways, alternative payment methods, fraud, identity, privacy and authentication providers into your Paydock dashboard in a matter of seconds. With over 50 ‘deep’ global processing partners connected into our proprietary technology stack plus over 100+ more available with partnered connections with more being added regularly, you can engage a broader consumer base and effortlessly expand to new geographies whilst substantially reducing software development overhead and maximising your bottom line.

Connect to
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Connect to
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Route Payments

Our drag and drop routing engine enables you to build a suite of configurable routes in an “if-this-then-that” arrangement, removing the need for additional cost and resource. Automatically route payments according to currency, country, scheme, network, and more to achieve the optimal cost on every transaction.

Enterprise Security

Our PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant token vault enables you to stay in control of customer data. Instead of the customer’s credit card details being locked up in the vendor’s vault, you have full access and can route payments to any provider at any time without losing data in the process. Our Vault stores data and returns a secure Paydock Vault Token which a merchant can effectively route, update and charge without exposing any sensitive data.

Data Reporting

Paydock’s unified dashboard flattens a complex web of payment services, customers and transactional activity into a managed interface enabling end-to-end visibility, traceability and security. With our integrated reporting tools, you have full visibility across your payments network.

Subscriptions Engine

‘Set and forget’ with Paydock’s autonomous recurring payments engine. From infinite flexible interval and frequency options to a configurable retry engine, you can simplify subscriptions for your customers whilst keeping them informed with regular reminders of their upcoming shipments or credit card billing, without having to go through the checkout process every time.

Live Notifications

Stay in control with real time event notifications across your stack. Reduce costs, time and improve customer experience by being able to respond in realtime to events across your payments ecosystem. Notifications can be distributed to recipients of your choice by email, SMS and full webhook support for every event.

Fraud Prevention

Rapidly activate global fraud vendors at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches directly from your Paydock account. With fraud vendors available to connect to, you can activate, mix and match, assess efficacy and interoperate fraud vendors based on their particular risk profile and technical stack.

Manage Users

Manage all users within your organisation with our fully customisable user roles and management feature. Create unlimited additional users, assign permissions to them, and roll back their access and/or permissions based on your needs.

Access Tokens

Authenticate and authorise with our Paydock Access Tokens. Manage data visibility by limiting your users’ and third parties’ access to sensitive data and configure fine-grained permissions for them with our system tokens.

Client SDK

The Paydock Widget
Easily implement the power of Paydock into your website with our Client SDK. Paydock’s Widget is a fully PCI and PSD2 compliant payment module which allows you to securely capture payment details, such as credit card and bank account data, and exchange it for a one-time or universal token to run charges. The Widget is fully customisable and can seamlessly be applied onto any website. Our widget enables you to maintain a single SDK with a low code solution for each of your payment service providers and offer your customers an unparalleled choice over how they want to pay.

Backup Payments

Paydock’s Rules feature facilitates a better failover process for transactions by automatically and intelligently rerouting to the next best alternative payment method in the event of failed transactions and secure a better chance of transaction success rate. Reduce the risk of failed payments with dozens of backup payment methods available from your Paydock stack.

Audit Tool

We’ve simplified the reporting and reconciliation process with our in-house audit tool. Access group-wide processing data and have auditable visability of all activity and actions in realtime across your entire payments network.


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