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PayDock + SqID

We make working with SqID simple !

Use SqID as one of your gateways in PayDock and gain access to the following capabilities immediately.

What is SqID?

SqID Payments is an approved payment aggregator* affiliated with the Westpac bank that supports ecommerce, in-store and mobile payments. Apart from processing payments, SqId also provides settlement and marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.

SqID Payments is a subsidiary of SQID Technologies Ltd (founded in 2006)

*An aggregator is a service provider that uses its own transaction/merchant account with a bank to process other merchant transactions (like SqID’s clients).

What is PayDock?

PayDock is a universal payments adapter giving merchants complete control over their customer’s payments experience. We enable our merchants to offer their customers more payment methods and drastically reduce the cost of payment gateway integration.

See here for more information on PayDock’s features.

Adding SqID to your PayDock Account

We currently support the SqID API and all you need is to have an account registered with them. After applying for an account you will need to track your application and then probably contact SqID Support Team to get your API key.

Gateway Label

You can find text field “Gateway Label” connecting your Gateway to PayDock. What is it? It’s a field for your custom labels. e.g. when you use several accounts of one gateway you can describe them as you wish to avoid confusion (Pin1, Pin2, Pin3 etc)

For integration with PayDock you will need SqID Merchant Code, Api Key and Passphrase.

Helpful Information

Test customer info:

 NameBob Smith
HouseStreet10 Ipswich Rd


List of test credit card information that can be used:

CardNumberExpiry DateCVN SchemeDescription
456471000000002005/20234VisaLow Funds ($10 Limit)
456472000000003709/19030VISAVisa Invalid CVV


To test BSB payments you can use next test data:

BSB Account: BSB

Number: 000000;

Bank Account Number: 123456


Multi-Currency is not currently supported by SqID gateway.

Helpful Links

You can find SqID API documentation by following link